Mimosa Cannabis FlowerEducationMarijuana Strain
May 17, 2022

Mimosa Strain Guide

The growth of the Cannabis industry means more strains are being introduced. Amongst those, Mimosa – or the purple Mimosa – has become most people’s favorite. Its effects depend on…
How long will your high last  Guide to how long each product high lasts min scaled EducationProducts
April 27, 2022

Guide to How Long the High Lasts for Joints, Edibles, and Tinctures

Cannabis is an interesting and relaxing pastime. It has great therapeutic and medical applications or can serve  to make your weekend more enjoyable.  But when you're trying out new forms…
Top 5 Questions about CBD min scaled Education
April 26, 2022

Top 5 Questions About CBD

CBD is a molecule taking the nation by storm. Even in states where cannabis is not officially legal, CBD is sold freely in smoke shops and even in convenience stores.…
Cannabis Law 2022  Which states is cannabis legal  min scaled Products
April 26, 2022

Cannabis Law 2022: Which States Is Cannabis Legal?

Living and working in the United States and enjoying Cannabis at the same time is an interesting challenge. Whether you travel or want to find a recreational dispensary near you,…
shutterstock 1889912260 scaled EducationProducts
April 18, 2022

THCa vs. THC: What They Are and How They Differ

Understandably, THC is the most famous and vastly researched cannabinoid globally. It is popular for its psychoactive properties and continues to attract new users every day. However, very few people…
shutterstock 1745914352 EducationProducts
March 30, 2022

Munchies? Best Dives Near Decatur Blvd In Las Vegas

Do you hear your stomach growling? Are you thinking about all of the different types of food that Las Vegas has to offer? Does it almost feel like a daydream…
shutterstock 377317186 EducationProducts
March 17, 2022

Elevate Your Next Wine Night with Cannabis

 Cannabis has become even more popular than ever, thanks to more widespread acceptance throughout the United States, and easier access with legalized dispensaries in several states, including Nevada. Many…
shutterstock 1469297510 Products
March 10, 2022

Cannabis Beginners: Your Guide to Rolling a Joint

One of the most beautiful parts of diving into the world of cannabis is that there are several ways to enjoy the plant in its various forms. Consuming cannabis in…
WhiteRuntz shutterstock 1122664142 Education
March 5, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About the White Runtz Strain

While quite presumptuous, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to go all out and declare that if you like ice cream, you're probably going to love the White Runtz strain. What's…
Everything you need to know about the Purple Kush strain 2 scaled EducationProducts
February 24, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About The Purple Kush Cannabis Strain

Purple Kush is considered a classic indica strain. Its popularity is likely due to its powerful and relaxing euphoria. This quintessential indica has its roots in the Hindu Kush mountains…
CBD Oil Benefits Education
February 22, 2022

The Surprising Benefits of CBD Oil

The CBD market has surged dramatically in recent years and is expected to move from $3.5 billion (2021) to $19.5 billion (2025). The cannabis plant extract is already available in…
What Cannabis Strains are best for Migraines 1 scaled Education
February 17, 2022

What Cannabis Strains Are Best For Migraines?

It's a fine day, you're minding your business, and then out of nowhere a head-splitting spelling pain starts, making you feel like you've been hit with a truck – most…
shutterstock 1458179114 Education
February 10, 2022

Can Medical Cannabis Help with Seizures?

Overview Could it be possible that a plant can provide relief for epileptic seizures?  Cannabis sativa was discovered in the United States centuries ago. It was first utilized to produce…
shutterstock 552781024 Strain Spotlights
February 3, 2022

Top Cannabis Strain Guide: Ice Cream Cake for Chronic Pain

Having pain is the worst - whether you have a headache or a sore muscle, if you’re experiencing an unpleasant feeling that’s out of the ordinary, many times you may…
Does Indica Make you Sleepy or Hyper scaled EducationMarijuana StrainStrain Spotlights
January 31, 2022

Does Indica Make You Sleepy or Hyper?

When talking about cannabis, strains are segmented into three main categories which are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. If you have ever purchased cannabis from a dispensary, it might have come…
shutterstock 2007066887 scaled EducationMarijuana StrainProducts
January 19, 2022

Best Cannabis Strains to Try in 2022

2021 was another huge year for the cannabis industry, as the wonderful plant saw a massive growth in sales throughout the entire year. In fact, some experts believe that cannabis…
shutterstock 255293044 Education
January 13, 2022

Can Cannabis Help Improve Your Creativity?

Cannabis and creativity are often mythically interlinked.  We have heard about the calming and pain-relieving effects of cannabis, but how true is the claim that cannabis can help improve our…
DSC09942 1 Education
January 12, 2022

Can Cannabis Help With Stomach Aches?

Today, approximately 36 states have legalized the use of medical cannabis, considering the benefits it offers. Americans primarily use it as a remedy to minimize pain, or to relax. It…


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