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Grease Monkey Strain Guide

Grease Monkey Cannabis Flower

The world of cannabis is full of options for the users. You can find all sorts of strains with a variety of effects in some of the leading dispensaries. Combine that with numerous ways to consume cannabis, and you get a flourishing industry like the one US States are enjoying today. 

Although there are thousands of strains that you can try, in this particular blog, we will focus on one particular strain that is gaining quite a bit of traction these days. 

In this blog, we will be shedding light on the Grease Monkey strain and see why users are loving it so much. 

Grease Monkey Strain

When it comes to strains with ample psychoactive effects, the Grease Monkey strain doesn’t fall short. It contains around 22% of THC that provides users with a decent enough buzz. This hybrid strain mimics the characteristics of an Indica, offering users truly calming effects after consumption.

The grease monkey strain is a common choice for people who are looking to release some stress after a tiring day or week at work. It helps them relax, and sometimes feel a bit hungry as well. 

This strain contains a range of different terpenes that work together to offer it its unique flavors and aroma. The dominant terpene here is Caryophyllene while Indica versions of this strain are dominated by the terpene Myrcene. 

The Grease Monkey strain provides you with a pungent and earthy aroma and flavor which hits a bit hard. It may also be a reason why some beginners choose to avoid this strain. You may also find hints of diesel-like aroma while consuming this strain. 

It is a Hybrid

This strain, as mentioned earlier in this blog, is a hybrid. It is formed by crossing two popular strains, Cookies and Cream, and CG4, leaving users with a soft buzz and a desire for munchies. Some users of this strain have also stated having relief from chronic pain and nausea, which may be due to the presence of 1% CBG. 

Since the aroma of this strain is so pungent, it is often not welcomed by those around you, but the effects it offers make it difficult to avoid it. 

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