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The most potent part of the female cannabis plant is both beautiful and powerful. With hundreds of varietals available, their strengths and medicinal properties are as varied as the health concerns they help address. From Indica to Sativa or a hybrid, marijuana flowers can be smoked or eaten directly (through absorption of beneficial, naturally occurring chemical compounds is limited). Should you choose to cook with our cannabis it is recommended that you learn the proper processes and proportions from our staff or other knowledgeable sources. THC and other beneficial components are not water soluble so we do not recommend making a tea on your own.


We take pride in the relationships we’ve developed with our growers and seed providers, and love to showcase the flowers of their labor. Generations of selective cannabis breeding is an art and science we love and respect. Our staff and growers’ understanding of these potent cannabis flowers is on the level of a master sommelier— but without the snootiness.