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Munchies? Best Dives Near Decatur Blvd In Las Vegas

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Do you hear your stomach growling? Are you thinking about all of the different types of food that Las Vegas has to offer? Does it almost feel like a daydream that you just don’t want to wake up from? If so, you might be experiencing a case of the munchies following a delightful experience with some product that you picked up at a dispensary in the Las Vegas area. There is nothing wrong with getting down with some legal cannabis products from a Las Vegas dispensary, but you will want to know a bit more about those dispensaries and about the great food options that are available in the nearby area for when you get hungry. We have your guide for both of those things right here. 

Is There A Vegas Dispensary Near The Strip? 

If you are going to take a trip to Las Vegas, you probably want to be near where the action is. Thus, you will want to park yourself at or near the Strip in Las Vegas if you can. Thus, you will also want to know what you need to do in terms of getting to a dispensary that is nearby to where you have set up camp. Fortunately, there are a number of different options available to you. 


Thrive Cannabis Dispensaries 

Are you starting to ask yourself “how many dispensaries are in Las Vegas?” Indeed, there are many, but that is great news for those who want to sample and experiment with the different types of products that dispensaries now put out for their customers. The fact remains that each dispensary has something unique about it that should not be overlooked. Thrive Cannabis Dispensary has 3 Las Vegas locations, and a Reno and Jackpot location. With great selections of only top-tier cannabis, Thrive aims to serve Las Vegas, Reno, and Jackpot locals with the best customer service.

Thrive’s North Las Vegas offers delivery and drive-thru, as well as in-store shopping.

Thrive’s Sahara location is across the street from Herbs and Rye and a 5 minute drive from Resorts World. Thrive’s Southern Highland location offers delivery and is a 5 minute drive from the M Resort and Spa. Thrive’s Reno location offers delivery and in-store shopping. Thrive Jackpot is 10 minutes from Idavada, Idaho and a 2 minute walk from Four Jacks Hotel and Casino.


Where Can I Go To Get Something Great To Eat After Enjoying Dispensary Products? 

You are in luck if you are in Las Vegas when you get hit by a case of the munchies. Las Vegas has the largest variety of food options virtually anywhere in the world. There are buffets galore, and you can find just about any type of food that your heart desires if you really want to. However, you know that you want to taste some of the very best food that the city has to offer. Thus, you need to know about some of the following amazing restaurants.


This place is so popular with people who live in Las Vegas and those visiting the country that they request that you make a reservation if you would like to dine with them. Your wait time can be rather lengthy if you don’t make that reservation in advance, so you may want to plan your night accordingly. If you are suffering from a severe case of the munchies right now, this place may not be the best choice for you. However, if you plan out your reservation, you can enjoy some of the most amazing tasting chicken that you have ever had right when your munchies feelings are hitting. There is something magical about getting in right at that moment and enjoying those flavors that you have been dreaming about. 


Sparrow + Wolf

This restaurant will dazzle your mind on any given day, and maybe even more so after you have enjoyed some products from the dispensary. They describe themselves best with the following quote about what they have to offer from their website:


Sparrow + Wolf is the evolution of American Cuisine. In other words, we have taken the Old World ways of cooking and collided it with the New World ways to create unique and amazing dishes & cocktails. Our cookery is based upon techniques that date back as early as the 18th century. However, we’ve embraced & reinvented those in a modern manner. America is the melting pot of many cultures and great ingredients. Our menu will feature many signature items at all times based upon seasonality. In addition, this gives us the ability to highlight dishes on a frequent rotating basis.


Taking what people love about traditional cooking and putting a modern spin on it is a wonderful idea. It is what has made Sparrow + Wolf one of the most popular places to get some grub near Decatur Blvd. 



This place is truly a wonderful option when you are getting a major case of the munchies that simply need to be satisfied right this moment. They have a dynamic menu that is much more affordable than some of the other places mentioned already, and they are able to provide you serve very rapidly. If you need to get something in your stomach right away, this is a great place to turn to. 


Here are a few of the items currently on their menu along with their prices:


  • The Classic (Hamburger): $11
  • Blaze of Thunder (Delicious Nashville-style chicken sandwich): $13
  • Bleu Balsamic (Salad): $12
  • AvocaToast: $9
  • Mean Bean (Black bean burger): $12

You can get something from their menu almost no matter what your dietary preferences are, and they all come at a reasonable price. You get a lot of value for your dollar here when you are on the Strip. If you need to grab something that won’t break the bank after a night of gambling, the best thing to do is to get yourself to SkinnyFATS. 


Hash House A Go Go 

Sometimes you need something deep-fried to make you start to feel human again after being under the influence of various substances. Many people report that eating something fried helps them with issues related to a hangover or other challenges that they are facing after a long night out on the Strip. There is no shame in admitting that this might be where you find yourself after you go just a little too hard out on the Strip. Many have done it before you, and many will after. 


Hash House A Go Go is the perfect place to turn to when you need those satisfying and greasy foods that you just can’t live without at a time like this. They provide them in spades. 


This place has all of the breakfast and brunch favorites including: 


  • Hashbrowns
  • Biscuits and gravy
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Chicken and eggs
  • Sausage

Every combination of those foods that sounds appealing to you is likely on their menu too. Think of this restaurant as the best breakfast diner that you could ever imagine, and then double that dream. They satisfy your every craving and are happy to help you start to feel like yourself once again. Also, a nice bonus of this place is that the portion sizes are very large, so you will feel satisfied after eating there. 


Salt and Spoon

This restaurant is the ideal choice if you feel like all that you can handle at the moment are dishes that you are easy to keep down such as salads and/or soups. Sometimes, a case of the munchies may make you think that you want to eat everything in sight, but it is better to take things slowly and eat foods that are easy for your body to digest while still filling you up. Salt and Spoon has you covered on that front. 


All you have to do is take a look at a couple of the pictures of the soups that they offer and your mouth will start to water. Those soups are so clearly prepared with care and with every fine detail about them receiving the special attention that they deserve. You will be dazzled by the work that the people behind these restaurants have put into making sure you have a wonderful time when you come to visit them. 


Their dishes are perfectly portioned, so you are able to get enough to satisfy yourself without pushing you over the edge into eating too much. They are also dishes that won’t bother your digestive system too much, and that may be among the most important things after you spend some time out in the night putting other substances into your system. 


Final Things To Remember Before You Go 

If you have read this and decided that you are ready to make a trip out to Las Vegas to enjoy some dispensaries and some amazing eateries, great! However, you need to stop and remember a few things before you pack your bags. 


Always Plan Ahead

It is very fun to get into the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip and let your night begin, but you need to try to remember that you should make a plan for how you will set up your night. You need to select which dispensaries you are interested in checking out, and you should also try to figure out your dinner plans before you get there as well. You may need to make a reservation at some of the spots mentioned above, so go ahead and do that if you decide that they are the right spot for you. 


Bring Enough Money With You 

People get swept away in the fun of Las Vegas all the time, and they don’t think about planning ahead to make sure they bring enough money with them to have a truly enjoyable time. You need to bring enough so your food, entertainment, and everything else is easily handled without worry. If you fail to do so, your trip may end up being a bust. 


Remember That Dispensaries Are Not Legal Everywhere

Always check the local laws in your area before assuming that you can bring something back from a dispensary. The odds are high that you CANNOT do so at this time, particularly if you have to get on a plane in order to get back to where you are going. Enjoy the dispensaries and have a fun time with whatever you decide to purchase, but understand that you may not be able to bring it back with you, and you just need to be okay with that fact. 


Try To Bring Others Along With You For The Adventure

There is something special about doing CBD and similar products with other people. Not only do most agree that it is more fun to do these types of things with other people that they are close with, but some say that it gives them a greater feeling of safety and security when they know that people who care about them are with them on the adventure. 


You are unlikely to experience any negative side effects from taking any product that you purchase at a dispensary, but it is a possibility. If you are new to dispensaries, you might want to bring someone along who has experienced these types of things before. Again, this serves more as a source of comfort than anything else. Besides that, it is nice to recount stories of your adventures in the Las Vegas area when you were there with a friend who also got to experience the dispensaries and the various eateries around town that you won’t be able to stop talking about. 


Make sure you take the time to remember these moments and capture them as memories that you won’t want to let go of when you recount this trip for others.