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Cannabis Travel and Tourism in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is a top tourist destination renowned for its entertainment and recreational facilities. The cannabis industry contributes to the rising economic growth of Nevada state.

Following the legalization of recreational cannabis, Las Vegas’ economic growth is currently above $2.4 billion. The cannabis industry boasts its glamour as tourists enjoy the world’s most prominent travel spot.

Are you after a memorable cannabis travel experience? Here is what you need to know about Las Vegas cannabis tourism.


When Was Cannabis Legalized in Nevada?

Until 2016, there was no legal cannabis in Nevada. Consumption or possession of cannabis without medical exception was unlawful. The Nevada cannabis legalization held an opinion poll on the November 8, 2016, ballot. The voters approved it with 8% points, and it went into effect on January 1, 2017.

When cannabis stores opened for business in July, at least 50 dispensaries obtained authorization to sell the recreational drug. The law made it acceptable for residents above 21 years to consume cannabis.


How Recreational Laws Brought in More Cannabis Tourists 

For most Nevada citizens and tourists, cannabis legalization emerged as an allowance to purchase and vape cannabis legally. Upon opening the pot dispensaries, citizens lined up to be the first to benefit from cannabis consumption.

The legalization of cannabis in Las Vegas incorporated a new allure for tourists visiting the city yearly. Travelers can now enjoy an advanced facet of the city, including:

  • A world-renowned entertainment
  • Fast-paced nightlife
  • Coveted restaurants

Among the latest tourist attraction hubs is the cannabis consumption lounges. In June 2021, Nevada permitted alcohol-free lounges to sell cannabis products to adults.

Initially, the law restricted cannabis consumption to private property. The law termed cannabis consumption in casinos, hotels, or nightclubs illegal. The new law passage has made cannabis consumption more convenient.


How Has Tourism Increased Since the Pandemic?

Tourism across Las Vegas and Nevada fell in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Las Vegas recorded an average of 32 million visitors in 2021.

Despite the fall in tourism, the cannabis marketplace skyrocketed following localized support. Many residents saw cannabis as a crucial tool to maneuver through tough times.

Tourism in Las Vegas has taken an upward trend since the pandemic. The number of visitors increased to at least 3.3 million, a 5% rise from March 2021. The city’s Convention and Visitors Authority indicated that hotel occupancy with at least 150,000 rooms topped by 80%.


How Is a New Travel Trend Taking Off?

Reports show a rising trend in cannabis tourism in Las Vegas following cannabis legalization. During the pandemic, people turned to cannabis to cope with lockdowns and interrupted routines.

Las Vegas has a rising sprout of new holiday destinations and travel bookings. New business models focus on agri-tourism to meet the rising demands for cannabis events. These models offer a variety of options for tourists, such as:

  • Farm tours
  • Cannabis festivals
  • Cannabis pairings
  • Cannabis trails
  • City tours

These packages combine cannabis experiences with accommodation, guaranteeing potential economic growth in Las Vegas.


Risks for Tourists

As a tourist in Las Vegas, the main risk is not purchasing legitimate cannabis from a licensed dispensary, and not knowing the cannabis carry laws. A lot of tourists think they can walk around consuming cannabis anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip, but law enforcement lets them know very quickly how wrong they are.  Another risk is not knowing how much to consume depending on your tolerance.

As a tourist planning a night out in Las Vegas, regulate your cannabis by asking a budtender how much they recommend you take based on your cannabis experience.


Get a Fruitful Cannabis Tourism in Las Vegas Today

Cannabis tourism in Las Vegas is fantastic once coupled with proper city know-how. There are multiple dispensaries to choose from in Las Vegas. Each cannabis strain has a different aroma to suit your needs.

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