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Guide to How Long the High Lasts for Joints, Edibles, and Tinctures

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Cannabis is an interesting and relaxing pastime. It has great therapeutic and medical applications or can serve  to make your weekend more enjoyable.  But when you’re trying out new forms of THC, the last thing you want is an unexpectedly short – or unexpectedly long – psychoactive experience. How long does the effect last for joints, tinctures, and tasty edibles?


Here is a quick and practical guide to the duration of a THC adventure.


How Long a High Lasts if You Smoke a Joint

The stimulation of this form of smoking lasts between 1 hour and 3 hours.


When you smoke from a cannabis cigarette, the THC absorbs through the membranes in your mouth, nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs. This is direct absorption through a porous blood barrier, which means the THC enters your system fairly quickly. The time it takes to wear off depends first, on the strength of the cannabis, second, on how much of  the joint you smoked, and third, on your own absorption and processing rate.


Most people find that smoking an entire joint or even splitting with one or two friends will lead to a satisfying crusade up to three hours in length. If you do not smoke again after finishing the joint, you should feel almost 100% normal again after 5 hours.


This timing is also accurate for smoking bowls out of pipes and bongs, and also for higher-strength vapes.


How Long the High Lasts if You Eat an Edible

Consuming a cannabis edible can provide a high lasting between 1 and 8 hours. The range is so wide because there are many types of edibles, and many metabolization rates. Fast digestion on an empty stomach will metabolize a THC edible quickly, but you will also experience a shorter mental stimulation. Slower digestion can provide the first effects for as long as 30 minutes after consumption, but may also provide benefits in your system for up to 8 hours.


The right edible can provide either quick-relief or all-day effects depending on how you eat them. A sugary gummy or mint would be the best for fast-acting cannabis edibles while heavier edibles like peanut butter cookies or even canna-spaghetti might be ideal if planning to sustain  an experience to last the whole day.


How Long the High Lasts if You Take a Tincture

Tinctures can last between one to six hours after you drip a drop below your tongue.


Dropping a tincture sublingually – below the tongue – helps your mouth’s mucous membranes absorb some of the THC directly. When you swallow the rest, it begins processing like a liquid edible. THC tinctures metabolize a little faster than infused food edibles, but more slowly than smoke or vape. Expect to feel your tincture within a few minutes to half an hour, and to feel the effects processing in your stomach. This means you get both benefits: the fast-acting absorption and the all-day comfort of the other two methods.


You can find tinctures in natural flavors and many delightful flavor-added mixtures. However, the strength of your tincture will determine both your immediate and long-term experience.


Just the Right High Duration

How long do you stay elevated on THC? How long does the ceremony last for joints, edibles, or tinctures? This article will spotlight how each option can be enjoyed and how long each high may last.


If you are looking for the ideal way to enjoy your cannabis, contact us today or swing by Inyo Las Vegas Dispensary to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable bud tenders. Here at Inyo, we know that you need to be informed to enjoy the best possible high, at the best possible time for you. Explore more of our information center blog posts or head over to the shop to select your next favorite cannabis or CBD product with guidance from our helpful staff.