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Looking to roll a joint for the first time? Or perhaps you’re still trying to pull off that perfect roll?

Though you may consider smoking weed as mainstream, not everyone who smokes knows how to roll a joint properly. There are certain steps that both beginners and advanced smokers need to consider.

There are key factors that influence the burning rate of your joint.

So what are these considerations for rolling a joint? Continue reading below and learn the essentials, regardless if you are a newbie or a veteran.

Rolling a Joint and Doing It Right

Before enjoying a joint, you will first go through a process. This involves using the right elements and preparing them for rolling.

Though ordering from a cannabis store in Downtown Las Vegas is as easy as a few clicks, you still need to put in some work. You need to do your part when it comes to prepping your joint. Here are the key steps that will guide beginners and veterans on how to roll the perfect joint.

Start with the Paper

The paper that you choose is crucial when it comes to the quality of your joint. Generally, there are three types of rolling paper materials out there. There is wood pulp, rice, and hemp.

Among the three, it is the wood pulp that you must avoid. If you are a beginner, go for hemp paper. It is easier to roll and it burns quite well.

If you are a veteran smoker and you want something that burns slowly, go for rice paper. It is also the top option for rollers who want something flavorless.

Grind It Right

After selecting the rolling paper, you can now start grinding your cannabis. You have two options for grinding: a grinder or your finger. For beginners, it is best to experiment to find out which method you are most comfortable with.

The key is to grind your cannabis evenly. If you are using a grinder, go for the metal type. This will yield a smoother and consistent result.

Crutch Matters

One of the worst experiences you may encounter is smoking a joint with a soggy end. To avoid this, use a crutch or filter. This is a glass or wooden mouthpiece that helps you come up with a perfect cylinder.

You can also use this after the rolling process. The crutch will allow you to enjoy your joint from end to end.

Arrange Gently

Now fill your joint with your freshly-grinded cannabis. Since you are using a crutch, place the cannabis at the other end of the joint.

The ideal amount for a single joint is around half a ground. If you want to attain precision, you may consider using a small weighing scale.

Hold the paper with one hand. Use your other hand to shape the joint. Your goal is to move the cannabis around.

You want to evenly distribute the cannabis across the rice or hemp paper. Practice patience until you reach that perfect balance.

Roll It Up

Most beginners may find the rolling process a tricky one. Move the paper back and forth between your fingers. Continue doing so until you shape the bud into a straight cylinder.

The key lies in using a gentle touch.

In case the bud doesn’t hold its cylindrical shape on its own, continue with the rolling and compressing. Take your time in this step.

After reaching a perfectly cylindrical shape, you can now seal the joint. When tucking the joint, you need to let the crutch initiate the process. You need to eliminate any slack to ensure a tight roll.

For beginners, you can use both of your thumbs to tuck the paper’s first inch. Your crutch should serve as your support.

After tucking the entire flap, continue rolling. Now seal the deal by licking the glue strip and sticking it down.

Keep in mind that the tighter you roll, the smoother and slower the burn will be.

Inject Some Creativity

If you are an avid smoker who wants to level up your joint-rolling, you can inject some creativity in the process. Check out these three creative joints that will add more fun in the experience:

The Braid

Do you think braiding only works on long hair? Take out the paper of your choice and pick a width of your preference. Now roll-up three joints that are fairly loose and filter-free.

Make sure the joints are open on both ends. Now roll and seal each one of them. Gently massage them one by one.

You want to make the joints pliable enough to manipulate without the risk of breaking them.

Now get a pencil and poke down the bud at one end of each joint. Do so until you leave about ¼ of an inch empty.

Now pinch the three empty ends. Twist them all together until you combine the three joints. What you want to achieve is a look that resembles that of hair braiding.

Get some heavy cardstock and lock the open ends. Get some of your spare paper and cover the ends. Make sure the glue strip is away from your direction.

The Pinner

If you want something lighter, consider the pinner.  A pinner is a thin joint that contains fewer amounts of cannabis.

Get some paper that is not wider than 1 ½ inch. Your best bet is a single wide paper measuring about 1 ¼ inch.

Start grinding one half to three-quarters of the usual amount of bud that you smoke. As you sprinkle the bud, keep the filling in a thin and straight line.

Roll the paper tightly using the very tips of your fingers as close to your nails.


This type of joint allegedly has a huge following in Amsterdam. Prepare your paper as you normally do. But this time, flip your paper with the glue strip facing down.

The glue strip must be the side that is closest to you. Sprinkle your cannabis and place your thumb directly against the glue strip. Now roll the paper tightly.

Once the glue strip touches the inner part of the paper, lick the outer part of the joint where it aligns with the glue strip. Now seal the joint and enjoy.

Enjoy Fine Cannabis, Today!

Whether you are rolling a joint for the first time or smoking your nth joint, you need to ensure the quality of your cannabis.

In line with the booming cannabis trends, we invite you to check our offerings. We carry different varieties of cannabis that don’t fall short in terms of quality.

If you are looking to enjoy marijuana in Las Vegas, feel free to get in touch with us. Our Las Vegas dispensary is open 24/7 and caters to people in need of medical or recreational marijuana.