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Good Vibes Only: A Stoner’s Guide to Weed Etiquette and Manners


With so much talk about the health benefits of marijuana and the continued push for legalization dominating the news cycle, it’s no wonder you want to try it out for yourself.

But if you’re new to cannabis — or if you usually just smoke on your own — you might have a few questions about how to behave when smoking weed with friends or with a group on vacation.

Consider this your ultimate guide to all things weed etiquette.

Read on to learn how you can have a positive, respectful, and chill experience — and fully establish yourself as a member of the 4/20-friendly set.

1. The Roller Goes First

Rule number one of weed etiquette?

Whoever rolled the joint gets to go first. Yes, this the case even if the person who brought the weed isn’t the same person who rolled the joint.

If you’re taking edibles with a group of friends, then you should definitely let the person who made them divide them up into equal parts. They know how much cannabutter they used in the recipe, so you’ll likely eat a much smaller amount than you might think.

2. Know When to Pass

Another huge part of smoking etiquette that everyone needs to know?

You should never take more than two puffs of a joint before you pass it to someone else. It will always come back around to you, so don’t deny anyone the chance to enjoy a little green.

Also, when it’s your turn to smoke, take a break from the conversation. You don’t want to waste any of the weed, and this keeps the circle moving quickly.

Hogging the weed is commonly known as “bogarting,” and trust us when we tell you that no one else in your group will appreciate you doing it.

Of course, never skip anyone in the circle, unless that person lets you know they’ve had their fill.

3. Don’t Pressure People

No guide to smoking weed would be complete without a gentle reminder that peer pressuring someone into smoking isn’t cool.

Weed is meant to help everyone relax and enjoy the moment — but it’s tough to do that if someone is pressuring you to try weed when you really aren’t into it. Let the person know that they’re still welcome to chill with the group while you all smoke, and don’t make a big deal out of their choice to abstain.

Also, if someone is smoking a joint in public for the first time, don’t be afraid to help them learn the ropes.

They’ll appreciate your help and input, and you can even help them to light it if need be. If you’re new to weed in general, you should absolutely feel comfortable asking for help.

After all, we were all beginners once!

4. Light the Right Way

If you’re smoking from a bowl as opposed to a joint, where you choose to light it matters.

After all, no one in your circle will be thrilled about smoking a bowl that’s been pretty much been killed before it got to them.

To make sure you leave enough of the green stuff, light your bowl from the corner, not the center, to avoid torching the bowl.

5. Pass to the Left

Not all the rules of weed etiquette have to be complicated.

To help everyone to keep track of where the joint is going next, the general rule of thumb is to pass the joint clockwise (to the left.)

No one really knows how this got started, but it definitely helps to keep everyone straight about who gets the joint next when the weed starts to take effect.

6. Smoking a Joint in Public the Right Way

If you decide to smoke in public, make sure you’re 100% familiar with the legal status of marijuana in the state first.

Also, be respectful of the space. Don’t leave trash behind, and try not to disturb anyone else around you. If you sense you’re making people uncomfortable, just move to another spot.

7. Set the Scene

Finally, whether you’re smoking indoors or outdoors, in public or in private, we always suggest that you take the time to properly set the scene.

This can include choosing the right music, having plenty of munchies on hand, or even making sure that everyone has a space to sit or lie down.

If you’re enjoying a little bit of weed on a vacation, you can make an event out of smoking.

Go to a local weed dispensary and ask for a bit of advice on the kind of strains you should try. Your budtender will be able to make sure you get a couchlock effect if that’s what you’re looking for, or guide you towards a strain that will give you more of a cerebral high.

Then, you and your friends can take in the sights and sounds — we’re sure they’ll look better than ever.

You’re Now a Master of Proper Weed Etiquette

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand the basics of weed etiquette.

Above all, it’s about enjoying the moment and celebrating the good things in life. Keep the vibes upbeat, positive, and community-focused to enjoy the experience.

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It’s time to make this a vacation you’ll never forget.