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Cannabis-Infused Beverages: Summer’s New Buzzy Drink


Cannabis-infused beverages are the hot new drink of summer with good reason! Like other types of foods and drinks infused with activated cannabis concentrate, cannabis-infused beverages are considered to be a type of cannabis “edible” (despite the fact that technically, you drink them). Curious about this new drinkable product and how it can improve your summer? Take a look below to learn more!

What are Cannabis-Infused Drinks?

Cannabis can be infused into many types of edibles — and now, companies have cracked the secret of infusing cannabis into beverages. These infused drinks tend to be relatively simple and refreshing since they’re made up of familiar, delicious flavors that are begging to be included on the menu for your next summer get-together! In fact, the real challenge might just be stopping at one beverage.

There is a wide range of cannabis-infused beverages available today, including cannabis-infused sodas, sparkling waters, coffee, and even non-alcoholic beer and wine. With so many choices available, many people are becoming increasingly interested in this discreet and user-friendly method of cannabis consumption.

A Brief History of Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Historically, cannabis has proven difficult to effectively infuse into beverages. Cannabinoids do not traditionally mix well with water, since they are fat-soluble. So cannabis users who wanted to utilize an edible solution would normally turn to baked goods or other edibles since cannabinoids do tend to mix well with fatty kinds of butter and oils. 

Alcohol serves as a reasonable substitute for water when it comes to mixing tinctures, since cannabinoids mix well with alcohol — however, it is illegal to combine cannabis and alcohol in the United States. Due to this fact, cannabis-infused drink manufacturers had to come up with innovative strategies that would allow them to create that vital infusion using a non-alcoholic base. Once they hit on solutions that worked, cannabis-infused drink creators wasted no time on breaking into the market and the drink’s popularity is now exploding.

Cannabis-infused beverages have been used for some time for a variety of possible therapeutic purposes. Many people already use them in hopes it may help them relax at the end of a long day or to seek energy when they’re feeling a little low. Now, they can add the range of symptoms that may be treated by cannabis products to their list of things that can be handled by opening a refreshing beverage.

Cannabis-infused beverages How are Cannabis Beverages Different?

Cannabis beverages have a number of differences from other types of cannabis products. 

Cannabis-infused drinks may work faster than other cannabis products

When you use a cannabis gummy or eat a brownie, you may need to wait up to four hours for the full effects to set in. With most edibles, you will need to wait for the product to digest completely before the body begins to absorb it. That can mean a long wait before you feel the full impact of your edible. On the other hand, with cannabis-infused beverages, the nanoemulsions used to help the cannabinoids dissolve in water will start absorbing into your system once it hits your mouth, through your saliva. As a result, you may start to feel the effects of your cannabis drink in as little as 30 minutes — which can make a big difference when you need fast results, whether it’s for relaxing or pain relief. 

Cannabis beverages are socially acceptable, smoke-free products

If you choose to smoke or inhale cannabis, you may need to step outside or away from the group until you’re finished. With a cannabis-infused beverage, on the other hand, you won’t have to worry that your cannabis consumption will impact anyone else around you, and you can stay close to everyone else while you enjoy it. Cannabis-infused drinks don’t produce any potentially unwanted by-products like smoke or vapor!

Cannabis-infused beverages are designed for beginners

If you have never used cannabis before, many of these cannabis-infused beverages are designed to be a great place to start! They’re intended as an entry-level product new users or patients can easily adapt to and enjoy, as well as a new, convenient way to imbibe for experienced cannabis users and patients. With their relatively low potency levels, they won’t make you feel too affected out of the gate. Since you start feeling the effects sooner, you also decrease the odds that you will inadvertently consume too much of a beverage vs. a cannabis edible.

Cannabis drinks allow you to enjoy more of the flavor

With a cannabis-infused beverage, while some brands are still very potent, many are designed with lower potency levels so you can consume the entire can over the course of an evening — not just a single gummy or piece of chocolate. Since there are fewer worries about over-indulging, you may find that your new cannabis-mocktail or marijuana-infused drink makes it easier to enjoy the experience!

Cannabis drinks are easy to use

Some people, including those who may have added cannabis to their routines in an effort to help manage a range of medical conditions or decrease problems with seizures or anxiety, suffer may from immense pill fatigue. Meaning, they get tired of swallowing down handfuls of pills every day, and it quickly starts to feel like a chore. Even smoking can start to wear on you after a while, especially if you have to go outside to do it because it quickly becomes a process. However, with a cannabis drink, you can consume your cannabis products much more easily! Just open the beverage and enjoy.

Cannabis drinks are not necessarily more potent than other edibles, but they do absorb faster, which means you may see the results or effects in a shorter amount of time. They are often also combined with other compounds that can help enhance their effects, which means that you may feel a more potent effect, in a shorter time period even at a lower dosage.

How do Cannabis-Infused Beverages Work?

When you consume a cannabis-infused beverage, the cannabis is processed through your digestive system, just like when you eat an edible. However, since the cannabis-infused drink starts processing as it hits the saliva in your mouth, you may see much faster results than you would if you consumed a traditional edible product.

What are the Different Types of Cannabis-Infused Beverages?

Cannabis-infused drinks come in a variety of forms. You can choose the one that best fits your needs, whether you’re interested in something that will help you relax or a beverage that will help give you the energy you need to finish the week strong! Some of the most common cannabis-infused beverages include:

  • Cannabis-infused sparkling waters
  • Cannabis-infused sodas
  • Cannabis-infused coffee
  • Cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beer, wine, or mocktails
  • Other cannabis-infused drinks and beverages like lemonades, iced teas, and beverage enhancer flavored drops — the list is growing all the time!

Cannabis-infused beverages

How are Cannabis-Infused Drinks Made?

Cannabis-infused drink makers face one major obstacle when trying to determine how to best create their cannabis-infused beverages, whether they’re putting together a cannabis-infused sparkling water or designing a cannabis-infused coffee beverage. The challenge?  The cannabis compound does not dissolve in water. 

“For compounds like CBD [or THC]  that don’t really mix well with water, usually you have to put another agent with it to help it dissolve,” said Dr. Yasmin Hurd, a professor of neuroscience, pharmacological sciences and psychiatry at New York City’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. “Different ways used by people or the pharmaceutical industry are being adapted by cannabinoid companies.”

By improving water solubility, the compund’s bioavailability (the rate at which the body absorbs it) increases dramatically. Many manufacturers are using a technique known as nanoemulsion. In essence, they use a third party mixture that binds together those molecules to create the stable compound consumers plan to enjoy. The cannabinoid droplets are dispersed throughout the liquid and suspended. For consumers, that means a smooth taste and texture, rather than a clunky texture that feels as though they are drinking curdled milk. Even better, this nanoemulsion strategy is stable, which means that products, including cannabis-infused sodas and cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beer and wine, will last for a long time in their cans. 

As research continues, companies are looking for new, improved ways to reach this effect —but the burst of new cannabis-infused beverages hitting the market shows that most companies are content with their current strategies. Consumers, too, are thrilled to reap the benefits of these products, which can be much more convenient than other types of cannabis in some situations.

What are the Best Cannabis-Infused Beverage Brands?

With a wide range of cannabis-infused beverage brands to choose from, which one is right for you? Check out some of the great brands carried by Thrive. 


Cann comes in a variety of flavors, including blood orange, ginger lemongrass, lemon lavender, and grapefruit rosemary. Cann drinks offer the perfect solution for a refreshing buzz that will activate within about 10-15 minutes for most users. These drinks contain just five all-natural ingredients and at 30 calories per bottle, they are a great choice for summer!

HaHa Beverages

HaHa offers a wide range of cannabis-infused beverages, including cannabis-infused sodas and sparkling waters. Choose from root beer, grape, and lemon lime soda flavors in the Thrive shop today as you experience this latest innovation from the Haha Beverages brand. 


If you’re looking for a great cannabis-infused beverage with a big punch of flavor, CannaPunch delivers. Look for it at a Thrive Cannabis Marketplace near you in watermelon, black cherry, and granddaddy grape flavors.


Select is a well-known cannabis brand that customer’s consistently say delivers an exceptional flavor profile — and the Select Squeeze cannabis-infused beverage enhancer drops are no exception. Check out the Select range of products and choose your favorite flavor of their Select Squeeze drops to try when you need to add a pick me  up to your next glass of water!

Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail

Kalvara may offer a rapid-onset experience that will allow you to make the most of every cocktail. The cannabis cocktail is free of preservatives and sugar and offers a low-calorie option for your cannabis consumption needs.


Looking for a quick punch of flavor? SIP offers smaller servings of cannabis-infused beverages that are designed similarly to a 5-hour energy shot, whether you’re looking to be in a social mood, interested in getting better-quality sleep at night, or just want that great “chill” effect. SIP Elixir shots come in flavors like Mai Tai, Wild Berry, Watermelon, and Hurricane for every summertime craving!

Cannabis-infused beverages

Who Should Drink Cannabis-Infused Beverages?

Cannabis-infused beverages are appropriate for a wide range of users and patients over the age of 21 or those who have a medical CBD card or medical marijuana card in their states. Consider these reasons why you might want to try a cannabis-infused beverage.

It’s part of your routine to unwind 

People who often use a glass of their favorite alcoholic beverage, including beer and wine, to unwind at the end of a long day may find that a cannabis-infused beverage delivers the same relaxation. However, a cannabis drink offers relaxation without the risk of some of the health concerns you may have to contend with when using alcohol. 

You want to socialize without cannabis smoke or vapor

Smoking can feel incredibly isolating when others are not able to withstand the smoke or just do not enjoy it. With a cannabis-infused beverage in hand, you can remain the life of the party even as you enjoy your beverage of choice. You won’t have to worry about isolating yourself or worry about missing a big moment at a get-together while you excuse yourself to take a smoke or vape break. 

You want an edible product that works faster

With a cannabis-infused beverage, you can expect the effects to kick in within as little as 30 minutes. You may prefer edible products, but do not want to wait as many as four hours for the effects to kick-in and a cannabis-infused beverage is the ideal solution for that problem. 

You’re looking for a quick way to unwind or relieve anxiety

Dealing with anxiety before a party or other social event can ruin the entire event for you before you even arrive! Many cannabis-infused beverages, however, are ideal for enjoying before parties and social events as an “appetizer” and may help relieve you of any feelings of anxiety and allow you to unwind and let out a stress-free, more relaxed version of yourself.

Find the Best Cannabis-Infused Drinks at Thrive Cannabis Marketplace Dispensaries

At Thrive, you’ll find a wide range of cannabis products, including cannabis-infused drinks that can help you kick back and relax after a long day. We aim to help our users find carefully sourced cannabis designed to fit your specific needs.

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Best Cannabis-Infused Drinks at Thrive Cannabis Marketplace Dispensaries