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How to Consume Cannabis Discreetly

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A combination of the stigma and legal issues surrounding cannabis requires users to remain discreet about regular consumption. While many people thrive with the consumption of cannabis throughout the day, it is still not as openly accepted in public as many users might hope. Because of this, many users seek alternative ways to continue consuming cannabis in a more discreet manner. 

Before the legalization of cannabis consumption, achieving discretion was a difficult task. But now, you can access edibles, vapes, inhalers, transdermal patches, and sublinguals. Users can also opt for microdosing options that let them control their cannabis consumption and highs. While vapes and edibles offer viable options for anyone looking to conceal cannabis use, most users still prefer smoking. Old-school smokers will find valuable tips to keep their cannabis consumption a secret.

There are several ways, devices, and methods of consumption to aid users in consuming cannabis discreetly. If you’re living in a state that has legalized cannabis but you still want to be discreet about consumption, below you’ll find a couple of tips to help you stay off the radar.

Cannabis Edibles

Infused edibles offer arguably the most discrete method of consuming cannabis. Passersby are likely to assume that you’re eating a brownie, cookie, or gummies, with little to no suspicion that you’re enjoying the medicinal benefits that cannabis provides. While the most common edibles take the form of chocolates, you will find that a wide variety of cannabis-infused foods is now available to users.

Eating infused edibles won’t draw as much attention as smoking or vaping, and there are a lot of tasty options available like Wyld Gummies, which are offered in a variety of flavors including strawberry and raspberry. While a local cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada is your go-to place for infused edibles, you could make homemade cannabutter if you can’t access a dispensary. You can use it in everyday meals or infuse baked goods with the cannabutter. Searching “marijuana dispensaries near me” will offer diverse CBD and THC-infused products that will work best for you.

There is a slight time lag between eating your edible and the effects kicking in, which can be 

a turn-off for some cannabis users. One might also struggle to time the duration of the high. Opting for edibles that offer predictable high durations and onsets can be an ideal option for cannabis consumers.

Essentially, edibles like capsules or a snickerdoodle cookie offer subtle discretion models. Remember that your body will take a while to process the cannabis and give you a high. Ensure that you keep these edibles away from kids or pets.

Do you need something that acts faster than edibles but gives you a fantastic high? Find yourself the perfect dose of tinctures, and you’ll be good to go. 


If you prefer indoor cannabis consumption, you may consider lighting a candle or incense to mask the smell. Candles have the perfect scent that effectively eliminates cannabis’ odor. Lighting your candles long before you start your session offers a better chance of stopping any unwanted smells. Consider leaving the candlelit for about 30 minutes after every session to keep the cannabis smell out completely. 

Alternatively, you could find odor-eliminating sprays that keep your consumption discrete. People are less likely to be suspicious if you light candles even when you don’t smoke. 

Use A Sploof

Besides candles or incense, you could use sploofs to minimize the smell of exhaled smoke. Sploofs serve as personal air filters that let you smoke without causing any disturbance to people around you. You could fill dryer sheets in empty toilet paper rolls to create your sploof and use it as a filter while smoking. Smoke that makes its way through sploofs will carry the smell of fresh laundry. 


In the world of cannabis, smoking flowers offers very little discretion. Vaporizers, which come in diverse shapes and sizes, can help discrete smokers to keep their consumption private. Vape and cartridge pens have gained remarkable popularity among cannabis users. The different consumption options offer varying degrees of privacy, depending on your needs and preferences. 

You could also opt for a concentrate vaporizer to offer additional discretion. These vaporizers often smell less than cannabis flowers. Dry herb vapes also allow cannabis users to smoke without drawing attention to themselves. Depending on the vape cartridge you prefer, the smoke’s smell can be less intense or non-existent.

For on-the-go cannabis consumers, vape pens are an excellent option. The increase in purchased vape pens highlights the growing number of discrete cannabis consumers. While vaporizers are not as low-key as edibles, their subtle smell typically dissipates within minutes without clinging to clothing.

Most vaporizers are petite and slender, stepping your discretion up a notch higher. Disposable vapes, which are growing in popularity, are very discreet and won’t exceed the size of cigarettes. Vape pens are also sleek and easy to carry and you don’t have to worry about packing them. You could also consider pre-filled vape carts that guarantee more privacy. 

Rather than the burnt and pungent smell from smoking, vaping dried oils or herbs produces a more discreet odor. The vape’s fragrance also disperses faster, and you won’t remain with an overt cannabis aroma. Besides, the THC isolates that are common among vaporizers greatly minimize the pungent smoking smell. Remember to keep your vapes away from children and pets.

Opt for Dabs

With dabs, you’ll only need a small amount of cannabis to get your desired effect. Depending on your dab’s strength, you may only need a tenth of a gram to get an impressive high. All these with little to no smell. Find concentrates that have concealed smells or less smelly extracts that keep your smoking discrete. 

Use eye drops or sunglasses and try chewing gum to minimize side effects like odor and red eyes.

One Hitter

This small, portable smoking device is a great option for anyone looking to discreetly smoke. Most of them are painted to look like cigarettes or artistic statement pieces, ensuring that your smoking remains private from the public eye. One-hitters, either glass, metal, or ceramic, which also help conceal any lingering scent.


Many cannabis smokers prefer glass one hitters, which seem to provide the best flavor. One-hitters also offer better control over your high as you only get a small hit at a time. Consider combining your one-hitter with your sploof for the ultimate discrete consumption experience. 

Typically, one-hitters are as good as your vaporizers. You won’t need a working battery to deliver enough smoke to get you high. Besides, these devices, which resemble regular cigarettes, hold onto most of the smell. 

Cannabis Sublinguals

Are you looking to achieve faster, more predictable highs while keeping your cannabis consumption discrete? Sublingual sprays offer a fast-acting delivery system, especially for users who are not keen on smoking. Besides helping you feel the effects quickly, sprays ensure that the high evaporates faster. You won’t have to deal with the typical edibles buzz that can last for hours on end. 

Transdermals Patches

You don’t have to smoke or chew to get your desired high from cannabis. A self-adhesive transdermal patch may be all you need to get a continuous supply of THC into your bloodstream.

Transdermal patches continue to gain consumer traction, especially in states that have legalized cannabis consumption. These patches release cannabinoids and THC slowly into your bloodstream through the skin. Patches offer users a very controlled and subtle high that’s more drawn out than those from alternative cannabis consumption methods.

Patches are especially invaluable for anyone looking to leverage the medicinal benefits of cannabis. They will ensure that you receive cannabinoids at the same rate throughout the day. The result is hours of relief from anxiety and pain, among other conditions.

CBD Capsules

Do you sometimes experience jitters and unnecessary anxiety during certain times of the year or maybe before an event? CBD capsules can bail you out and allow you to rest easy. Simply take the capsules as a regular pill, and you can minimize your anxiety levels and ensure that you enjoy a good time during the holidays. 


Step up your cannabis game with microdosing that ensures you consume cannabis discreetly. Discrete options like edibles often rely on the high’s nature rather than the way to keep your consumption out of the watchful eyes of everyone around you. 

The microdosing revolution is decisive for users seeking discretion. Today’s edibles come in all forms of microdose, letting you settle for anything you prefer. Don’t settle for the standard single dose of 10 milligrams of THC when you can enjoy controlled microdoses that help you maintain control over cannabis consumption.

Oftentimes when you get inconsistent highs throughout the day, someone can tell that you are out of sorts. This is why you may want to opt for a consumption option that will help you maintain a consistent high. Microdosing is also proving valuable for users who previously misjudged their dose, resulting in uncomfortable highs. With microdosing, you may simply need a piece of candy every few hours to maintain a mild, constant high.

Keeping Your High, Low

Adjusting your smoking patterns or cannabis consumption methods will be in vain if others notice any lingering smell or have noticeably red eyes. This is why it’s a good idea to make a point of visiting the bathroom after you vape or smoke. You could also wash your hands, use mouthwash to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after each puff. Take a sniff at your long hair and add a scented spray to remove any lingering smell. Find designated eye drops for smokers, and be sure to always stay hydrated.

If you’re in Las Vegas Nevada looking to consume cannabis discreetly, check out a variety of options at Thrive, an excellent local cannabis dispensary.