Art & Science Collide

The art and science of growing cannabis has been practiced and developed for thousands of years. Indoor and outdoor. Small batch and large. Altitude, water, mineral and microorganism content in soil, sunshine, artificial lighting, use of co2, organic fertilizers, “green manure,” mixed use farming— all produce different results from seed to mature plant and from strain to strain. Some growers sing to their plants, others tell them jokes. Some read them Renaissance poetry. Whatever they have come to learn that produces desirable results, we don’t judge them for it. But we do notice that our vast stable of growers produce different results with their varying respective techniques, methods and styles. Because of that, we are able to choose where we source our cannabis with predictable, reliable characteristics and properties. In the end, because of these amazing cultivators and purveyors, together with you the customer, we all thrive.

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