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Everything You Need to Know About the White Runtz Strain

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While quite presumptuous, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to go all out and declare that if you like ice cream, you’re probably going to love the White Runtz strain. What’s more, if you are a fan of dank weed, chances are that you have smoked some Runtz before. This rare strain that hails from Bay Area has with time cemented itself as the hottest cannabis strain in California. With rappers like Berner and Future expressing their love for the strain, it has slowly become a staple in today’s pop culture. Delving into the pot culture, you immediately get references to the fact that the White Runtz came from the hip hop artist Dallas Up Nero.

In keeping with current trends and inclination, especially as it pertains to the cannabis strain to go for, this article examines the White Runtz strain, exploring its origins, flavors and the effect you are likely to experience following its partaking.

What is the White Runtz Strain?

Right off the gate, it is important to point out that the White Runtz strain is a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez. This combination gives the strain a 50/50 Indica-Sativa balance, thus establishing it as a potent hybrid.

As it pertains to the strain’s lineage, by virtue of having Zkittlez as a parent, the strain can track its lineage to other stains like Grapefruit, Grape Ape and an additional strain whose identity is not disclosed as it is intellectual property.

On the other hand, by having Gelato as the other parent, the strain can track its lineage to hybrids of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and the Sunset Sherbet.

Named after the iconic candy, the White Runtz strain boasts of a mix of gassy sweetness from the Zkittlez and the unique flavor and taste found only in the Gelato. Its nugs look like the Runtz got rolled up in a ton of white trichomes.

Arguably, the White Runtz still remains in the shadows of its older sibling, the original Runtz- a Cookies creation with Gelato and Zkittlez genetics. Some have gone as far as disregarding the White Runtz under the premise that it is a black-market knockoff of the original. Still, seeing how more dispensaries are starting to stock and sell the strain, one can only wonder if this new baby within the Runtz family is, in fact, the newer and more improved version of the original.

As for its THC levels, these are super high and will average at 23 to 24%. Most of the batches that have been tested have been found to have 20% cannabinoids with 1.57% terpenes.


The White Runtz Secret Lies in the Terpenes

Granted, the White Runtz has high THC levels, but its secret lies in the terpenes. The latter is solely responsible for modulating the effects that the THC is likely to have on you. Specifically, these terpenes power multidimensional effects rather than these being singular and short.

The three top terpenes in the White Runtz are caryophyllene, limonene and linalool. Caryophyllene is responsible for the citrusy flavor that will be discussed later. The limonene, on the other hand, contributes to the gassiness of the strain, while the linalool provides the strain with the berry complexity you are likely to experience while partaking in this strain.

In hindsight, this terpene combo is somewhat dominant. While some view it as what differentiates the strain from whatever else you’ll find at your dispensary, some actually consider this a point of criticism.

Note that while the three aforementioned terpenes dominate the strain’s profile, there are additional terpenes that accompany them. Specifically, testing of the strain shows the presence of careen, valencene, bisabolol, geraniol and pinene. These combined are what’s responsible for the earthy and flowery notes you experience with this strain.



The White Runtz’s buds are typically olive green in color that is beautifully balanced out by purple spots and monstrous trichome coverage. Looking at it, you are immediately taken aback by the window dressing that makes figuring out just which color it is hurt your eyes.

Looking at it, you immediately notice that the White Runtz’s buds are larger and denser than the regular Runtz. In retrospect, the former does check all the boxes for what’s considered a modern “exotic.”

Overall, there seems to be a consensus that the buds are spade-shaped and that the pistols are reddish-orange with a coating of frosty crystal trichomes.



Users report the White Runtz strain as having a creamy, sweet, fruity fragrance that borders on being more soar than having sugary notes. This is likely what differentiates the White Runtz strain from the rubbery characteristic within the original.



The moment you handle a White Runtz bud, you get an immediate whiff of tropical fruit and sweet, creamy flavor. On tasting it, you realize that it is both sweet and sour and even just a little skunky.

Its smoke tastes like a weed version of candies made of pure sugar with subtle berry undernotes. Some users report a light touch of citrus in the smoke, which plays quite well with the earthy overtones. This lemon-tasting terpene is responsible for the high and makes the smoke from this strain less harsh and prone to cause a cough.



Before indulging in some White Runtz, it is prudent that you are aware that the strain is known for its long-lasting effects.

The moment you light up the White Runtz, you should almost immediately experience a tingly effect in the spine and the back of the neck. This will quickly make its way throughout your body, leaving you with a high that is just as overpowering as its flavor.

In no time, you get this overwhelming sense of relaxation, which makes the strain a favorite for users wanting a strain for a lazy afternoon of chilled-out time with friends. Some patients also report experiencing a surge in creativity and report being more sociable after medicating.

In general, the top three effects that you are likely to experience after lighting a White Runtz joint are euphoria, happiness, and full-body relaxation.


Medical Uses of the White Runtz Strain

As highlighted, the White Runtz is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. What’s more, it comes with high THC levels of up to 24%. These characteristics catapult the stain to the top of the chart of strains that come in quite handy when it comes to the management of health conditions.

A condition for which a patient can have the White Runtz prescribed is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Research shows impressive results in the use of this cannabis strain in controlling the seizures that children and adults with ASD experience. By virtue of the calming effect it elicits, the strain could be used to calm aggression that results from a negative mood state or inability to express oneself, which makes it a go-to for patients with autism.

Patients with chronic tension, muscle spasms or cramps, and chronic pain should also benefit from a White Runtz prescription.


Adverse Reactions

As it pertains to the adverse reactions following the indulging in some White Runtz, individuals that partake in the hemp report increased appetite and drowsiness. Some individuals also report increased insomnia. Patients that are undergoing chemotherapy experience increased hunger which for their course of treatment might be considered an adverse reaction.

Other potential adverse reactions of the White Runtz strain are cottonmouth and dry eyes. In hindsight, these seem to be part of the universal effects of most cannabis strains.

For individuals with limited experience with high THC strains, they are likely to experience a headache the first few times they try out the White Runtz, which should disappear as the high wears off.

A side-effect that might put you off when it comes to this strain is just how dizzy you are likely to feel after that initial inhale. As such, it is advised that you only partake in this strain when you are in a physically familiar place.

Finally, some users report heightened anxiety and paranoia. These are directly linked to the high levels of THC within the strain. As such, if you have had limited experience with the strain or similar strains with high THC, it would be best if you slowly eased into using it. 


How to Tell the Difference between Real and Counterfeit White Runtz

With the gain in momentum in the White Runtz’s popularity, there has been an equal surge in counterfeit buds being sold as the real deal. These unscrupulous individuals seem to be looking to capitalize on the popularity of the strain to make a quick buck. A quick search on Instagram and Facebook yields a tone of fake accounts all claiming to push real White Runtz nugs.

As a consumer, you want to be sure that whatever you are buying is, in fact, White Runtz, as this is your best shot at controlling the effects you experience.

First off, it is essential to point out that the most basic means through which you can ensure you get the real White Runtz buds is to buy from a reputable dispensary near you. While it might be tempting to buy from the corner boy up the street, you are exposing yourself to a product whose quality you can simply not ascertain.

Note that currently, the White Runtz is only available as a clone directly from the original breeder in California. As such, you want to be quite inquisitive as to where the seller gets the strain they end up propagating as the White Runtz.

It would be unjust not to call your attention to the humidity challenges with this strain. When humidity is not maintained at optimal levels, the buds are likely to develop mold. It goes without mentioning that you do not want to smoke nugs with mold on them. Even as you consider the quality of the THC therein and the overall genetics of the buds you are purchasing, be sure to inspect the physical condition of the bud itself.

Overall, the idea that White Runtz continues to be in high demand due to the strain’s balanced effect exposes you as a consumer to having fake White Runtz buds sold to you. Additionally, there are concerns over the quality of the product packaged and sold as White Runtz. Being savvy here is the only way to ensure you get the real deal.


Why Buy the White Runtz Strain?

Without a doubt, the White Runtz strain is a beau. But this can simply not be the only reason why you purchase the strain!

For starters, the White Runtz has an irresistible aroma and taste, that is, if candy-themed flowers do it for you. Further, as highlighted, the strain gives you a total body high that is both numbing and calming.

What we’ve found is that a few hits of a joint or pipe is enough to strip away the day’s stress and completely relax the user. The good thing, however, is that it doesn’t throw you into a couch-lock. Instead, you get to still retain a bit of energy which is exciting coming from a hybrid. The common outcome of a few hits is often a boost in creativity while keeping you super-focused on the tasks you are handling.

If you are a medical patient, you should love White Runtz. You end up experiencing no chronic pain and will likely end up asleep. You should be able to live a normal life without experiencing pain. Similarly, patients with anxiety, mood swings, and chronic stress give the strain countless nodes for uplifting their moods.

Concisely, if you are on the search for a strain with an incredible fruity profile that smells just like a bag of sugary candy, then the White Runtz is the strain for you. While some claim that it is simply a hyped Cookies Family strain, the White Runtz makes quite the compelling case for itself with its distinctive aroma, flavors, look and potency.

It is clear! The White Runtz strain needs to be part of your next delivery or drive-thru. It is an excellent option for both medical and recreational use, especially if you are looking for a cannabis strain that you can use during the day without needing to take a nap break.


Where can I Buy White Runtz Strain in Las Vegas?

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Thrive’s North Las Vegas offers delivery and drive-thru, as well as in-store shopping.

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