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Roughly 25% of Americans live in an area where recreational marijuana use is legal. And that number is only expected to grow.

If you live in (or are visiting) an area where cannabis is legal, you may be wondering if you’re spending your time well while stoned. After all, there’s no need to hide in yourself indoors anymore. You can finally go out and explore the world, even if you’re high as a kite.

So, that leaves the question, “what to do when high?” Luckily, there are tons of options at your disposal, whether you live in a small town or a big, bustling city like Las Vegas.

Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to discover the top activities that are best enjoyed with a little pot from the Thrive Cannabis Marketplace team.

Try a New Food

It’s no secret that food tastes out of this world when high. But why settle for the same-old snacks time and time again?

This is your chance to go out and try something completely new. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try escargot or pate.

Of course, you don’t have to spend a ton to go on a culinary experience. If you’ve never had key lime pie or sushi before, now’s your time to try it! You could also seek out an over-the-top, Instagram-worthy meal from a local restaurant.

Play a Friendly Game

If you’re the competitive type, there may be no such thing as a “friendly game” when you’re sober. But pot can help you relax and just go with the flow.

So being high is a great time to play a friendly game of mini golf, volleyball, touch football, basketball, or tennis with your friends. You’ll have a blast, and you can work off some of those extra calories you ate when you had the munchies.

Try Something New

Is there something in your city that you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to doing? This could be anything from go-karting or playing paintball to trying your hand at an escape room.

While mind-based games, like escape rooms, may not seem like the best idea when stoned, you’d be surprised at how well you can do. They often require you to think outside the box and look at things in unique perspectives, which can be easier to do when high.

Plus, the point is to have fun! So, even if you don’t win, you’ll have a night filled with amazing memories and funny stories.

Do Some Yoga or Meditate

Yoga and meditation both work to help you relax and focus on your breathing. Marijuana can help take this to the next level.

One of the greatest benefits of meditating with marijuana is that it becomes easier to clear your mind. Try meditating or doing yoga in your backyard or the local park, and let your body and mind fully relax.

Get a Massage

What could possibly be more relaxing than getting a massage? While meditating and practicing yoga are great ways to soothe your mind and release some tension in your body, a massage will help to release any overly-tight muscles and pent-up tension that’s been building up in your body.

Don’t be worried about falling asleep. Although massages feel great when you’re awake, your body will still get all the amazing benefits of a massage if you take a quick nap.

Go on a Hike

Have you ever noticed that everything seems so much more vibrant and beautiful when you’re stoned? Even if you’re not typically a hiker, you’re sure to enjoy being surrounded by nature after smoking a little pot.

Find a local hiking trail and just have fun exploring. If you live in a city, look for a park or botanical garden. Not only will you enjoy your surroundings, but it’ll be relaxing to finally step away from all the noise associated with city living.

Hit the Club

When was the last time you went to a club? If it’s been a while, you’re overdue to cut loose on the dance floor.

While you may normally feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your dance skills, being high will help you feel more at ease. You’ll be able to cut loose and dance like nobody’s watching. Not only is this freeing, but it’s also a great workout!

Hear Some Live Music

If you’re not a fan of dancing, you can still go out and enjoy some music. But instead of hitting a club, seek out live music in your city.

This could be at a local concert, a bar, or even a street performer. While any music will work, a more relaxing genre, like jazz, stoner-rock, or indie can feel very soothing when high.

Just let the music surround you and when a particular song grips you, pay extra attention to the lyrics and meaning behind it.

What to Do When High

Don’t sit at home watching TV every time you get stoned. If you live in an area where recreational cannabis is legal, take the opportunity to go out into the world and enjoy life.

Just follow the list above to get some ideas on what to do when high. From meditating and getting a massage to listening to live music, the possibilities are endless.

Just remember to have a loved one or trusted friend pick you up, drop-off or have them join you!

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