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Must-Have Cannabis Products for 4/20

thrive must have cannabis products for 420

If you’re into cannabis, you will know all about 4/20. In basic terms, this is a holiday on the 20th of April to celebrate marijuana. There are a number of different plausible reasons as to why this date was chosen by marijuana enthusiasts. Some believe that this date was chosen because “420” was the penal or police code in California for marijuana, yet there is no evidence to cement this. Another possible reason was given by the former editor of High Times, Steven Hager, who said the holiday came about after a group of high school students started it as a ritual back in the ‘70s. No matter what the reason may be for 4/20, this is a day to be celebrated and enjoyed if you are an avid cannabis consumer! If you are looking for the best cannabis products to enjoy on 4/20, we have plenty of great suggestions to help you out. So, let’s take a look:

Pistola: Chemical Compound

Our Hybrid Pistola Chemical Compound is a good option if you’re looking for the perfect flower! It can also be used for vaping as well. A premium-quality dried cannabis flower, our customers are massive fans of this product, and we are sure you will be too. The activation time for vaping or smoking is approximately five minutes. You can expect to feel the effects of the Hybrid Pistola Chemical Compound for a few hours and you may feel relaxed, happy, calm, and energetic. 

Cookies: Berry Pie

Another dried cannabis strain that we have for sale is Berry Pie, which is sold in many different quantities, including eights, quarters, half-ounces, or ounces, so you can get the right amount for you. We have a lot of exciting cannabis products for sale on-site, and this is one of them. It can be primarily ingested by inhalation, either by vaporizing or smoking. Activation time for vaping or smoking is approximately five minutes, and you can expect it to last for a few hours. This strain is known for its mood uplifting qualities.

Green & Gold: Purple Punch Pre-Roll

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to enjoy cannabis, pre-rolls are a perfect choice. They are rolled up and ready to go, all you have to do is enjoy! This effective and convenient medium used to consume cannabis comes in a lot of styles that have developed over the years. They can be rolled with b-buds, shake, and flower, which is infused with concentrates, and more! Our Green & Gold Purple Punch pre-rolls are a sweet and sedating union of two-indica dominant classic strains that gives the pre-rolled flower potent effects. With these effects, you may start to feel relaxed and calm.

Kalvara: Cannabis Cocktail

Another exciting product that you may want to enjoy on 4/20 is the Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail, which is a drink infused with cannabis. These drinkable cannabis cocktails are easy to use, clean and a consistent alternative to smoking cannabis or hard to dose cannabis consumable like brownies or cookies. The activation for an edible is usually longer when compared with other methods of consumption, but Kalvara is fast-acting and precise. On average, it can take 45 minutes for a cannabis edible to kick in, but Kalvara is formulated with high bioavailability to encourage rapid onset. However, everyone’s body is different so we always recommend you start off slow. A lot of people make the mistake of overdoing it when it comes to consuming edibles or cannabis-infused drinks. 

WYLD: Huckleberry Hybrid Gummies

The final cannabis product that we recommend for 4/20 is the WYLD Huckleberry Hybrid Gummies. These are delicious gummies cannabis-infused edibles that have a fruity taste, with just the right amount of sweetness. This dosing is precise for WYLD gummies and it is easy to control your intake so that you don’t overdo it. The activation period can be between 45 minutes and two hours, so it is important to start slow.

So there you have it, some of the best cannabis products that are available for 4/20. If you want to make sure you celebrate 4/20 the right way, it makes sense to try out some new and exciting cannabis products that you may not have had the opportunity to enjoy yet. You can use the advice and tips that have been provided above to find the very best cannabis products for you! If you’re looking for the best dispensary deals in Nevada for 4/20 you can find them at Thrive locations.

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