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How To Transition to THC

thrive How To Transition to THC

If you’ve been using CBD products, you know that most of these do not have THC in them. CBD can be added to pretty much everything including infused lattes, skincare products – even brownies! The range of products available today that are packed with cannabinoids is huge and their possible benefits are many when it comes to things like insomnia, chronic pain, and depression. The thing to remember is that CBD is not the only thing that comes from the cannabis plant.

How cannabidiol works

CBD is a natural chemical compound that reacts with the receptors in the body as part of the endocannabinoid system. It’s these reactions that keep us balanced in our mood, appetite, and pain levels. THC has very similar benefits to CBD but the difference is that CBD is not psychoactive, and THC is. A psychoactive compound enables you to experience feeling high, and both of these interact with different brain receptors. It’s this difference in receptors that make you feel differently depending on which you consume. When you consume both THC and CBD together, the cannabinoids work with each other and the effect is a powerful one! Too much THC or too little of it, and you won’t be able to feel the true benefits of the two together. When you have the perfect balance of THC and CBD, however, you will find that this combination is more powerful than either alone.

Transitioning to THC

Many people who consume CBD often avoid THC as they allow the word “psychoactive” to intimidate and worry them. When you are already used to CBD products because of medical marijuana or because you use it recreationally, THC is something you can slowly and gradually incorporate into your routine. Those who may wish to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety need to know how to make the transition slowly, and it’s why we’ve put together a few key tips!

Make your space a safe one

You should never try any new substance in a dangerous environment. You need to be comfortable and safe when you sample THC for the first time, so put yourself in the right environment. You want something comfortable to sit or lay down on, some calming music or TV and you want to have a person with you to go through the experience together. 

Try edibles first

Often, edibles are the first thing that people try when they are transitioning to using THC. They’re more “diluted” so you can slowly add THC to your routine with them. You just have to wait a while for it to kick in, and if you want to try them out, you can start with microdosing. If you want to be very safe to start, try out 2-5 mg of THC, and then step up by 5mg each time.

Try smoking or vaping

Once you’ve experimented with edibles, you could then look to start smoking flower. You want to choose products that will be 1:1 THC to CBD, as this will ease you in slowly. It’ll keep you far more relaxed when you balance THC and CBD and if you want to be very specific, 15% THC will give you the exact feel you are looking for.

Do some research

Before you try any products or flower, read up on what you can expect. No one knows how they will react to THC until they try it, which is why it’s a smart idea to go slowly and know how to prepare your environment. A high can give you the munchies, make your mouth dry, and make you giggle way more than usual. Have water at hand, some snacks, and a plan to stay safe.

What you should do if you feel “too high”

The very first thing to do if you feel too high is to drink some water. You should have some CBD edibles nearby to eat in order to counterbalance too much THC in your system, and you could also try brushing your teeth! You’ll get the taste out of your mouth and give yourself something to focus on.

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