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How Cannabis Could Help Anxiety and Stress

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Over the years, cannabis has been referred to as a miracle. There are numerous reasons why that is. More and more surprising facts about cannabis are emerging, revealing its limitless potential. While some just use it as a way of enhancing their holistic wellness, others turn to it for medical reasons.

Cannabis has also been known to be a great natural and more traditional alternative to medication, as it’s been found that even ancient civilizations have found relief in it. From ancient Hindus to the Greeks and Egyptians, it is believed that ancient civilizations used cannabis as a social, spiritual, and medicinal drug.

In this post, you will find everything you need to know about cannabis and whether it could potentially help you with managing stress and/or anxiety.

Main Reasons People Use Cannabis

Cannabis is gaining popularity with more and more people using it as a way of enhancing their quality of life. Many users start their cannabis journey with different goals in mind, ranging from medical to recreational. For many recreational users, cannabis can be a way to heighten their social or even spiritual experiences.

Many people believe that they perceive the more mundane tasks of life as more fun after consuming cannabis. Everything appears less boring that way. For starters, most people believe that physical activities you often enjoy can become more pleasurable when using cannabis. 

Additionally, cannabis may improve the life of a recreational user in numerous ways. A lot of anecdotal evidence shows that people can focus better while on cannabis or feel more relaxed and in control of their daily experiences. It is even possible to get better quality sleep using cannabis. 

But that is only for recreational use. What about medical use? Well, medical reasons are the most common reasons why people use cannabis. While there is still an ample amount of research to be conducted in this area, the research that’s already been done shows the potential of using cannabis to help with certain conditions.

Some medical uses are outlined below:

May Offer Pain Relief

Back pain, arthritis, and other forms of chronic pain are often common motivators for using cannabis. That’s because it may have pain-relieving properties that relieve you faster and for a longer duration than most other drugs. You can use topical forms of cannabis, like a balm, and apply it to pain-stricken areas for relief. 

May Help With Nausea

People undergoing cancer treatments like chemotherapy often experience nausea as one of the treatment’s side effects, among others. This may leave them feeling ill and weak. While anti-nausea medication can also help, cannabis may be more effective. The antiemetic properties of cannabis may also prove beneficial for people who are prone to experiencing motion sickness and vomiting.

Potential Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation as a result of numerous different conditions can sometimes leave patients in pain and discomfort. One of the medical uses of cannabis is that it could be used as an anti-inflammatory aid. Cannabis may help tame inflammation at a more effective rate than most over-the-counter medications. Moreover, due to the entourage effect of cannabinoids, you can get quick relief.

Could Reduce Anxiety and Stress

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of having a stressful day at work, or going through an unusually stressful event. Then, sometimes we just wake up in terrible moods that not even coffee can help with. Well, cannabis may be able to help… Research has shown that cannabis can have a calming effect that may leave you feeling energized and relaxed.

Additionally, it may also help people with anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, among others. Moreover, this may prove beneficial for anyone with difficulty in sleeping due to stress.

How Has the Pandemic Increased Stress Among the Population?

Anxiety disorders are some of the most prevalent mental health issues among the population. Anxiety affects at least 40 million adults per year and the numbers are growing by the minute. Additionally, stress is also a silent killer among the population. With an increase in stress, you are more likely to fall ill often, as well as experience weight fluctuations.

Stressors from the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a rise in mental health issues across the population. Moreover, the increase in stress levels among the Gen-Z adult population is a cause of concern. For these young adults (ages 18 to 23), the future is filled with the anxiety of having to come into adulthood during such unprecedented times. 

Potential Anxiety Relief and Relaxation Aid

As mentioned above, cannabis may offer help to those dealing with anxiety and stress – furthermore, it may help people in dealing with pandemic-related anxiety and stress. Cannabis may help you relax, feel calmer, and ultimately improve your quality of life.

Additionally, cannabis may increase your ability to focus, especially if you are working from home during this time. It may also help improve your quality of sleep and help you to manage stress-related insomnia.

Different Ways People Can Use Cannabis

Depending on the situation, location, and the event, you can use cannabis in various ways apart from the traditional way. If you are still unsure of what works for you, it’s best to experiment with other ways of using cannabis until you settle for what you like or prefer. Here are some of the most common ways:


Cannabis edibles like cookies, brownies, and even tea have been around for ages. It’s how most people used to take cannabis in ancient times or even before it became legal. And now? Well, the variety of edibles available has expanded and potency can be controlled. Edibles also allow you to enjoy the effects of cannabis for longer periods of time.

Edibles can be fun and discrete. Plus, for anyone who doesn’t like the taste of cannabis, you are free to select the form and flavor of edible that you prefer. So, what passes as cannabis edibles? Well, pretty much any cannabis-infused product that can be ingested orally. You can have chocolate, granola bars, cookies, tea, gummies, and chewing gum, among others.

If you’ve never tried edibles before, we recommend consulting one of our expert budtenders at our various locations to help you choose the product that will best suit you. The Ginger Lemongrass Hi Boy with 5mg of THC is great if you’re looking for something light, refreshing and with a smaller dose of THC.  If you’re looking for something you can bite into, Camino Gummies are a great option for new users as well – the watermelon bliss flavor is sweet and satisfying.


Smoking is one of the most common and traditional ways to consume cannabis. For most people, this is the fastest way to feel the psychoactive effects of marijuana, and it’s fairly simple and convenient. Keep in mind that the effects vary from person to person – not everyone experiences cannabis the same way, so it’s important to be mindful of how certain products and consumption methods personally affect you.

If smoking is your preferred method of using cannabis, it’s best to find a high-quality product and consumption accessory for a better experience. We recommend trying out products that are already prepared and ready to be enjoyed – like our Green and Gold Purple Punch pre-rolls with 13.33% THC. 


Vaping is vastly becoming a popular cannabis consumption method nowadays. It is done by vaporizing cannabis seeds, flowers or concentrates in e-pens called vaporizers or vape pens. Some people believe you can get a better high from vaping than other methods. They are also easy to conceal and therefore discrete. Vaping also doesn’t produce as potent of a scent as other forms of cannabis consumption.

You can find vape pens of all shapes, sizes, and colors on the market. While shopping for one, look out for features that will allow you more control over your vaping experience. After getting a vape pen, you may need the perfect product for vaping. A good example is our Hybrid Pistola Chemical Compound, which can also be smoked. With an activation time of only five minutes and effects that last for hours, this premium product is a favorite of many.


Similar to vaping, dabbing is gaining vast popularity. A dab rig is generally used for this method of consumption, along with a THC extract in oil form, like hash oil or solid form as shatter. After placing your product into your dab rig, you heat it and enjoy. Users only need a very small amount of product to feel the effects of dabbing.

Where Can I Purchase the Best Cannabis Products to Suit My Needs?

There are numerous places you can go to for your cannabis product needs, both online and as a brick and mortar store or cannabis dispensary. If you are unsure of where to find a reputable cannabis dispensary, you can search online using the keywords, “medical marijuana dispensaries near me” or “cannabis dispensary near me”.

It’s important that you purchase your products from a reputable dispensary near you, like Thrive.

Thrive is the best place for people looking for a cannabis marketplace that’s convenient, affordable, and safe. It’s also fairly easy to get your preferred cannabis products. All you need is a form of legal identification that states you are at least 21 years old. You can use your passport, driver’s license, or any other form of identification.

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