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Cannabis Jobs Are On The Rise in 2021

thrive cannabis jobs are on the rise in 2021

Unfortunately, the economy has taken a hit over the past 12 months due to the impact of the pandemic. A lot of people have lost their jobs, and they are now looking for employment. One part of the job market whereby they may be able to find employment is in the cannabis sector. In fact, a study by Leafly has shown that cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in America at the moment and that’s good news for those looking to enter the industry. Read on to discover more about it and the different job opportunities that are available for anyone who wants to work in this thriving sector. 

A Leafly Jobs Report for 2021, which has recently been published, revealed that there are 321,000 full-time equivalent jobs that are supported by the legal cannabis market in the United States. These figures are accurate as of January this year. The total includes both ancillary and hands-on jobs. This means that everyone from accountants to budtenders are counted. 

When you compare the number of legal cannabis jobs in the country at present with previous years, you see a significant difference. In 2017, there were 122,800 jobs supported by this industry. This then increased to 149,300 in 2018, and it further increased to 211,000 in 2019. In 2020, there were 243,700 jobs supported by the legal cannabis market. This means that there were 77,300 extra jobs created from 2020 to 2021, showing significant growth. Not only does this reveal how more jobs are being created in the cannabis industry every year, but it shows how the increase in jobs is also getting bigger and bigger, so this really is a sector that is thriving at the moment.

Despite the fact that the use of cannabis in some form is only legal in two-thirds of the US states, the industry is clearly growing at a rapid pace. So, what are some of the different jobs that are available if you want to work in the cannabis sector?

  • Harvester – The first job to consider if you want to work in the cannabis industry is becoming a harvester. Harvesting marijuana involves a number of different tasks, such as packaging, trimming, and growing. These jobs are physically demanding and labor-intensive, so do keep this in mind. You will not typically need to have any sort of previous experience. However, if you do have this, it is certainly going to put you at an advantage.


  • Production manager – Becoming a production manager is one job that you may want to consider if you are interested in working in the cannabis sector. A production manager is someone who will oversee and assess the complete cycle of the product, i.e. from seed to sale. If you work in this job, you need to account for the likes of staff management, process management, and operations, as well as managing timelines and budgets. 


  • Store manager – Another job that may interest you if you want to work in the cannabis market is becoming a store manager. As a greater number of dispensaries have popped-up, store managers are required to ensure the smooth and successful operation of every store. Having previous experience of working in a dispensary will help your chances when trying to secure a job like this. At the minimum, you need to show that you can manage employees, sales, and retail operations successfully, as well as having exceptional retail skills. 


  • Delivery person – There are a lot of dispensaries that provide delivery services to patients who have been prescribed medicinal marijuana but are not able to make it out of their homes to pick up the prescription themselves. Furthermore, cannabis companies will hire drivers to transport items to their numerous locations. In order to secure a job like this, a valid driver’s license is going to be needed, with no criminal record. Some businesses will ask that you have your own vehicle and your own GPS device. Depending on the state that you work in, it may also be a necessity to have a medical marijuana permit to work for the business in question.


  • Edible Chef – With medicinal and recreational marijuana available in a lot of different forms, including tea, candy, baked goods, and more, a number of different jobs have emerged. Edible chefs, for instance, are professionals who have the responsibility of creating recipes and delicious edibles for people to enjoy. There are a number of other job positions available if you want to work in the edibles part of the industry as well, including working in packaging and labeling, as well as working on the assembly line. You will need to have experience with food production and handling if you want to work with marijuana edibles, but with this job title you’ll never again find yourself wondering, “Where can I find edibles near me?” You’ll have the inside scoop! 


  • Budtender – Finally, another option for anyone who wants to work in the legal cannabis market is to become a budtender. This is someone who is going to work at a dispensary, answering questions from the customer and ensuring that the correct information is provided. You will typically be the go-to resource for the consumer who is making purchases. Because of this, if you want to work as a budtender, you are going to need to have great customer service skills and be incredibly personable. It is also important to have experience in customer relations and sales. 

So there you have it, an insight into the cannabis market and how jobs are on the rise in this industry. If you have a passion for cannabis and you’re looking for work right now, this may be an industry that you want to explore further, as more and more jobs are opening up at the moment. 

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