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Product Spotlight: Blue Maui Vape Cartridge

Blue Maui Vape Cartridge and other vaping products

This THC vape cartridge is engineered by Polaris to give you consistently smooth draw and flavor delivery (as well as the perfect high!) These cartridges are loaded with 500mg of 100% solvent free Blue Maui CO2 oil, and are ready to use with any 280mAH vaporizer stylus batteries.

There’s little to no odor in the exhaled vape, and the taste can be described as a sweet combination of tropical fruits and ripe blueberries with hints of pine.

Blue Maui is a well-balanced hybrid of Blueberry and Maui known for its wide-ranging effects. A cartridge will provide a productive and inspiring energy reminiscent of sativa, yet indica-like in its body buzz. Medical patients may enjoy this strain for daytime pain relief or for relief from stress and anxiety. Recreational customers love the balanced head/body stone. Reviews of this strain often cite intense, euphoric and creative brain activity accompanied by a general feeling of body relaxation.

Find Blue Maui in Las Vegas!

Extraction for this product was completed by Polaris Wellness Center, a state licensed facility known for producing high-grade medical marijuana and CO2 oil at their state-of-the-art and quality controlled facilities in Nevada. Come into our North Las Vegas or Downtown Las Vegas dispensary today to check out the Blue Maui vape cartridge for yourself! Grab one today at Thrive Cannabis Marketplace!



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Strain Spotlight: Banana Kush Vape Cartridge

City Trees Banana Kush Vape Pen Cartridge

These vape pen cartridges were manufactured by City Trees, located right here in Las Vegas, NV! Take the guesswork out of concentrates by simply attaching one of these to a standard e-cig battery with 510 sized screws. Grab one today from Thrive Cannabis Marketplace. Charge it up, heat it up and enjoy!

Each vape cartridge is filled with 500mg of Banana Kush CO2 oil. Banana Kush is an indica dominant hybrid of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. As with most vapes, there is no overwhelming scent; a huge benefit to those who wish to keep their medication private. When the battery is heated and the vape is inhaled, it crosses the tongue like a bushel of fresh, sweet bananas with a slight tang of sherbet. The exhale is more muted with notes of diesel and freshly cut grass.

Banana Kush provides the body effects of an indica with a mellow sativa buzz providing a relaxed sense of well-being and an overall feeling of happiness. The relaxation starts behind the eyes and spreads throughout the body within minutes, while the mind remains focused and energized. Medically, this could be a fantastic strain for assisting with depression and social anxiety. Many have reported feeling extra talkative, creative, relaxed, carefree and social when consuming this strain recreationally in moderate doses. Simply take a few more tokes when you’re ready for bed! Contact Thrive Cannabis Marketplace and talk with a budtender in North Las Vegas or Downtown Las Vegas to learn more about the Banana Kush vape cartridge.

4 Things Smoking Weed Does To Your Body

Weed Smoking Paraphernalia

It’s become somewhat common knowledge that cannabis causes munchies, red eyes and cottonmouth. Most people now understand how marijuana helps in coping with pain, inflammation and seizures and research is showing that it’s compounds may promote negative tumor growth in cancer patients and potentially could offer relief to those with MS.

Less commonly known are the benefits of smoking weed for all smokers, both medicinal and recreational. Now that purchasing and consuming pot is legal for some patients in more than half of US states, research on the positive effects of smoking are becoming less rare and many more benefits are coming to light. Here are just 4 things we know smoking marijuana does to the human body.

Marijuana Lowers Blood Pressure

Marijuana is a vasodilator. That’s a fancy word for something that opens up your blood vessels allowing for better circulation and lower blood pressure. This is what gives people those telltale bloodshot eyes when they smoke pot. It’s also the property of cannabis that makes it so effective in treating Glaucoma, according to research, in that it reduces intraocular pressure by up to 25%.

Cannabis Promotes Deep Sleep

Studies have shown that smoking weed can help you fall asleep and increases the time you spend in deep sleep. It’s also been reported by many users and some preliminary studies that smoking cannabis close to bedtime can reduce or eliminate time spent in REM sleep. This is extremely useful in reducing the occurrence of nightmares, especially in those diagnosed with PTSD, allowing for well rested and continuous sleep.

Smoking Pot Makes You Cool

Sorry, it’s not going to make you look any better in a Fedora. Not that kind of cool, cooler in temperature. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine suggests that marijuana (specifically CBD, a cannabinoid found in pot) can affect the transient receptor potential channels in your body, which affect how you feel temperature. As a result, toking on a joint on a hot Vegas day can give you just a bit of relief!

Weed Can Improve Your Sex Life

People have been using cannabis for sexual enhancement for thousands of years. It’s been known anecdotally that smoking marijuana improves libido, lowers inhibitions and boosts creativity in bed. Recently, study is showing that smoking pot triggers dopamine release in the brain. This creates an overall feeling of confidence, happiness and elation that contribute to sexual enjoyment. And THC increases your overall sensory perception, which makes the body more sensitive to the smells, sights, sounds and sensations of physical intimacy. Finally, cannabis’ property as a vasodilator can moderate erectile dysfunction in men and increase sensitivity in women, potentially allowing for more arousal and better orgasms.

There are so many more positive effects of smoking weed, and we haven’t even begun to talk about edibles! Come in to Thrive Cannabis Marketplace in either our downtown or North Las Vegas locations. Our staff is thrilled to talk to you about all the ways cannabis can improve your life.

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Cheeba Chew (Edible)

Assorted Bags of Cheeba Chews Edibles

Cheeba Chews are here! These delicate, gluten free cannabis edibles were created in Colorado during the medical cannabis boom to answer the industry’s lack of consistency in edibles. Cheeba Chews were designed to be consistent, potent and discreet, and they certainly deliver in all three areas. Each 10g piece of Cheeba Chew can be divided equally into 4 pieces, for a consistent dose of 15 mg of THC in every bite.

Cheeba Chew side effects are similar to most edibles. Some may experience a body buzz, muscle relaxation, and an intense feeling of euphoria lasting 4-6 hours. Overconsumption can lead to paranoia, racing thoughts and manic behavior. Always begin with a small dose of Cheeba Chew; How much to eat will vary from person to person.


Indica Cheeba Chews usually last for 5-6 hours and produce a wonderful sensation of relaxation, anxiety relief, and euphoria. Many consumers may prefer eating these alone at night while enjoying some relaxing music or a movie.


Hybrid Cheeba Chews are a fantastic compromise for those who enjoy the sedative effects of an indica edible but also want to remain balanced and social. This chew is a perfect mix of both worlds.


Sativa Cheeba Chews are the chosen edible of consumers who want daytime relief from chronic pain, nausea, tremors or the like, but also want to remain somewhat mentally sharp and functional. These chews are a great option for consumers who want to be productive and social in the daytime but still want to enjoy a euphoric buzz.


CBD Cheeba Chews are an amazing pair for those who enjoy the anxiety and pain relief of CBD, while also reaping the benefits of THC therapy. These candies are amazing at controlling seizures, dulling pain, soothing the mind and presenting an overall sense of well being, while functioning with a relatively clear head. Recreational users may enjoy the “mellow” effects of these CBD chews as it still contains THC, though enough CBD to moderate the “high” feeling.
Thrive Cannabis Marketplace proudly carries Cheeba Chews quad doses for both our medical marijuana patients and our recreational customers. Stop into one of our dispensaries Downtown or in North Las Vegas to experience any of our edibles for sale in Las Vegas. Have questions? We’ve got answers! Contact our stores for more information about Cheeba Chews, edibles and all things cannabis.

Pure Kush (Flower)

Jar of Pure Kush

Pure Kush is an indica-dominant strain that belongs in every MMJ patient’s medical kit. It is extremely potent, often measuring up to 22% THC content, and is considered one of the strongest strains of medical marijuana available. This strain is not to be taken lightly, as its intense sedative effects can knock out even the most experienced of smokers. But used responsibly, it’s masterful at alleviating the suffering of chronic aches and pains.


Pure Kush strain is a powerful phenotype of the famous OG Kush. Though ubiquitous, the origins of OGK are somewhat of a mystery. It’s believed that OGK is a descendant of Pakistani Chitral Kush. This strain was developed via a natural landrace in a Pakistani town known for making of the best hash in the Middle East. This strain found it’s way to Florida, where it was possibly bred with Chemdawg, and found its way to California where it exploded onto the scene in 1995.

The buds are olive green, dense, and shaped like pinecones, with bright orange pistils and lots of sticky trichomes. The aroma is extremely pungent with pine forest oak and earth tones.


Flowers burn with a harsh, thick smoke that can be overwhelming for new smokers. Novices to cannabis may prefer concentrates for this reason. The smoke tastes oaky and skunky with strong tones of spice.


The high creeps up slowly, then hits hard and fast. Most Pure Kush reviews describe these effects:

  • Warm, gentle pressure around the face
  • Sensory distortion
  • Amplification of lights and sounds
  • Time slows down
  • Couchlock
  • Wandering euphoric thoughts
  • Increased appetite
  • Extreme sedation
  • Pain relief

Those who suffer from anxiety or insomnia will enjoy the calming, sedative effects as Pure Kush isn’t known for causing racing thoughts or paranoia. Its body high is extremely effective for relieving pain, aches, cramps, muscle spasms, and headaches.

Be warned: Pure Kush is a powerful sedative and isn’t ideal for those who have work to do (unless your job is to binge-watch Netflix and giggle.)

Where to Find Pure Kush in Las Vegas

If you prefer concentrates, our North Las Vegas dispensary carries Pure Kush live sugar. With a whopping 78.6% THC concentration and a full terpene profile that highlights the strain’s flavor, our live sugar delivers a powerful body high that’s easier on the lungs. Pure Kush rosin is also available as a solvent-free extract. PAX owners will be delighted to know we carry Pure Kush oil in pods that fit your device at both of our locations (North Las Vegas and Downtown.) Stop in 7 days a week or contact us to learn more about the Pure Kush strain as well as the many cannabis products we offer.




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Blue Dream

Jar of Blue Dream Hybrid Image

There’s one name that consistently comes up in the legal cannabis community and with very good reason. Blue Dream has been the #1 seller in Colorado, California, and Washington for years according to BDS analytics, and continues to be the most reviewed strain on to this day. Some attribute this to the strain’s ubiquity, others to strong marketing. There could be many reasons for its popularity but there’s no debate to its quality-Blue Dream is fantastic, and Thrive Cannabis Marketplace is the place to buy it!


Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing breeding Blueberry and Haze strains. It inherits the mind energizing traits of the Haze sativa with the full-body sedation from Blueberry’s indica heritage. The result is a THC heavy nugget that’s a perfect smoke for creative types or working people looking to alleviate pain while increasing production.

The buds are dense and heavily peppered with sugary trichomes. They tend to be light green with long, peach-colored pistils that carry an aroma redolent of mixed berries and sweet sandalwood.


The flavor and aroma of Blue Dream smoke is unique and easily recognizable. The scent is best described as sweet and sugary with the slightest hint of cheese. The smoke is very smooth and tastes of musty berries.

When Blue Dream is smoked, the amazing effects are felt almost instantly. Many Blue Dream reviews describe the mental alertness as similar to a cup of coffee, with strong motivation and creative energy noticeable in most users. Many describe getting lost in tasks including cleaning, organizing, and workplace activities all while experiencing a body buzz that dulls even chronic aches and pains. The energy isn’t manic, though, as most users describe the prevalence of a calm euphoria while using this strain.


Yes!!! Blue Dream effects are both body-heavy and energizing to the mind, making it ideal for daytime medication of pain, depression, and PTSD. Users have also reported excellent results for menstrual cramping and relief of physical and emotional symptoms of menopause.

Those who suffer from anxiety disorders may find Blue Dream to be a good fit, as the mind is energized and alert, but not paranoid or “racy” as a pure sativa would be. Of course, it’s always best for those with anxiety to start with a small hit and be cautious not to take too much to avoid panic.

Find Blue Dream in Las Vegas

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace carries the best phenotype of Blue Dream in Las Vegas, and at a fair price of only $11 a gram. Visit one of our dispensaries in North Las Vegas or Downtown, and start living the Dream today!

Sour Kosher

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace Sour Kosher Image

The Sour Kosher strain is the royal offspring of the cannabis power couple of Kosher Kush and Sour Diesel. The resulting buds are extremely potent and encrusted in crystalline trichomes. This makes them the perfect base for Thrive Cannabis Marketplace’s Sour Kosher Live Resin Vape Cartridges available at both our Downtown and North Las Vegas dispensaries.


DNA Genetics, a legend in the top shelf cannabis cultivation community, is responsible for the breeding of Sour Kosher. The lineage of the strain contains several powerhouse names that read like a celebrity marijuana family tree.

  • Sour Diesel’s story begins as an international amalgam of Columbian Landrace, Afghani and Acapulco Gold Landrace strains. These created the first Skunk strain, whose genetics were eventually bred into Massachusetts Super Skunk. Legend has it that a grow-op had perfected New York City Diesel from its Chem Dawg (Chemdog) parents when MA Super Skunk accidentally pollinated the crop. This happy accident resulted in Sour Diesel-The pride of NYC.
  • Kosher Kush is an indica and is considered one of the best tasting and most pungent derivatives of OG Kush around. It was the winner of High Times’ Cannabis Cup for two straight years and also won Best Strain of 2011. Kosher Kush is the only strain known to be grown in kosher conditions where a rabbi blesses the seeds and resulting adult plants.


Sour Kush Concentrates are considered superior in flavor to their combustible counterparts, and the high is more cerebral and less “stony” according to many Sour Kosher strain reviews. We’ve taken these concentrates to the next level by providing them in cartridges that are compatible with any 510 sized battery.

We love our Live Resin vape cartridges for many reasons.

  • They’re easy to use. Simply screw the cartridge into any 510 battery or box mod and enjoy. No lighter or complicated paraphernalia are necessary.
  • They’re portable and discrete. Grab and go without worry of odor or the obvious signs of cannabis.
  • They’re easy to dose consistently and responsibly. Push the button for as long as it takes, inhale, and repeat as necessary.


Our Sour Kosher extract is crafted with full terpene retention and prime potency. Expect intense flavors of citrus, wood, and diesel. The effects are well balanced, leaning to the side of an uplifting sativa experience. It comes on rapidly and can be somewhat “heady” at first. As the effects Sour Kosher effects progress, a warm, physical body stone increases offering superior pain and anxiety relief.

You’re going to love Thrive Cannabis Marketplace’s Sour Kosher Cartridges. Contact us for more information, or stop by one of our dispensaries to try it for yourself!




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Blue Maui Vape Cartridges by Polaris

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace provides Polaris brand Blue Maui vape cartridges

Blue Maui is here! This relatively new strain is taking the recreational cannabis and medical marijuana communities by storm, and now you can experience it for yourself. Thrive Cannabis Marketplace is excited to provide our customers with Polaris brand Blue Maui vape cartridges that are compatible with any 510 thread battery for a discrete and convenient vaping experience.

What Is Blue Maui?

Blue Maui is a hybrid of two iconic strains-Blue Dream and Maui Waui. Both strains are adored by recreational users for their happy and euphoric effects, and the hybrid of the two only intensifies these feelings of bliss.

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze. Maui Waui is a classic sativa. The two combine to create a mellow, sativa-dominant hybrid that’s well balanced in its physical effects.

Blue Maui Effects

Most Blue Maui strain reviews agree that this strain is mellow, yet energizing with a minimum of anxiety or paranoia. The user first experiences a visually stimulating and euphoric “head buzz” that’s shortly followed by a warm, “body high” from head to toe that lasts for quite some time. The consensus among fans is that, in the right doses, this strain completely puts the body and mind at ease.

Blue dream is known in creative communities to be one of the more inspiring strains, and Blue Maui adopts this trait by instilling creative energy in the user. This trait makes it fantastic for daytime use with writers, artists, designers and any others that wish to increase motivation and creative production.

Medical users should look to Blue Maui first when aiming to alleviate stress, depression, and chronic pain. Those who suffer from PTSD may find it to be a fantastic daytime medication as the heady effects work well to lift moods and moderate panic while the energy provided allows for normal day-to-day functioning.

Remember to keep hydrated, as the strain can cause dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Polaris Vape Cartridges

Polaris’ 510 thread cartridges are the strongest, solvent-free CO2 cartridges available in Nevada. Their full spectrum Blue Maui vape cartridges contain 100% premium grade cannabis oil with all natural terpenes that duplicate the strain’s rich flavors with every drag. Expect a sweet, smooth inhale and robust flavors of pineapple, tropical fruits, blueberry, and pine when exhaling. 1-2 puffs should be all you need to experience the creative and therapeutic magic of Blue Maui.

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace is proud of our large assortment of high-quality vape cartridges, and we look forward to helping you choose the one that’s perfect for you. Contact us with your questions, or stop by our Downtown or North Las Vegas dispensary to speak to us face to face.

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG

Do you need a break from battling the Dark Side of the Force? Whether you need an escape from stress or depression, relief from your pain, or simply an opportunity to relax, Skywalker OG is the hero you need. The Skywalker OG strain of marijuana is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that is sure to chase away all of the evil that plagues you.


Like other indica-dominant hybrids, Skywalker OG is a shorter, fuller plant that produces tight buds with furry orange hairs and a delicate white sugar coating of trichomes. Also known as Skywalker OG Kush or Skywalker Kush due to the strain’s parentage, Skywalker OG is an earthy, spicy bud with a strong aroma of pine. It’s known for its smooth smoke, sweet and spicy flavor, and herbal aftertaste when smoked.


You may have heard a rumor that there is another Skywalker. There are two more, actually: Skywalker OG’s father, a classic mellow indica known simply as Skywalker, which was crossed with OG Kush to make Skywalker OG, and a sativa-dominant hybrid that is also sometimes referred to as Skywalker. Some cannabis connoisseurs believe this latter, sativa-dominant strain to be the original Skywalker, adding to the family drama.

What to Expect

Skywalker OG is known for its heady effects. With an average of 20 to 25 percent THC, this hybrid is well known for the euphoria, relaxation, and couch lock it produces. These qualities make it a favorite for those combating stress or depression, as well as physical maladies such as chronic pain. The strong effects of the munchies also make this an ideal strain for improving appetite. Use with caution, however: Skywalker OG produces a strong enough high that it’s best used at the end of the day, perhaps even to hasten sleep. In the words of Han Solo: “Let’s blow this thing and go home!”

Where to Find Skywalker OG in Las Vegas

When buying top-shelf marijuana like Skywalker OG, it’s important to visit a reputable dispensary to ensure you’re getting the Skywalker you bargained for. Our experienced staff can also help you determine whether this is the right bud for you, better than just reading a Skywalker OG strain review online. For more information about the particulars of this strain, or to discuss our extensive menu with one of our expert staff, stop in today at one of our locations in North Las Vegas and Downtown Las Vegas.

May the Force be with you. Always.