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January 2018

OG Skywalker Strain Review

Skywalker OG

Do you need a break from battling the Dark Side of the Force? Whether you need an escape from stress or depression, relief from your pain, or simply an opportunity to relax, Skywalker OG is the hero you need. The Skywalker OG strain of marijuana is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that is sure to chase away all of the evil that plagues you, available at our Cannabis dispensary in North Las Vegas.


Like other indica-dominant hybrids, Skywalker OG is a shorter, fuller plant that produces tight buds with furry orange hairs and a delicate white sugar coating of trichomes. Also known as Skywalker OG Kush or Skywalker Kush due to the strain’s parentage, Skywalker OG is an earthy, spicy bud with a strong aroma of pine. It’s known for its smooth smoke, sweet and spicy flavor, and herbal aftertaste when smoked.


You may have heard a rumor that there is another Skywalker. There are two more, actually: Skywalker OG’s father, a classic mellow indica known simply as Skywalker, which was crossed with OG Kush to make Skywalker OG, and a sativa-dominant hybrid that is also sometimes referred to as Skywalker. Some cannabis connoisseurs believe this latter, sativa-dominant strain to be the original Skywalker, adding to the family drama.

What to Expect

Skywalker OG is known for its heady effects. With an average of 20 to 25 percent THC, this hybrid is well known for the euphoria, relaxation, and couch lock it produces. These qualities make it a favorite for those combating stress or depression, as well as physical maladies such as chronic pain. The strong effects of the munchies also make this an ideal strain for improving appetite. Use with caution, however: Skywalker OG produces a strong enough high that it’s best used at the end of the day, perhaps even to hasten sleep. In the words of Han Solo: “Let’s blow this thing and go home!”

Where to Find Skywalker OG in Las Vegas

When buying top-shelf marijuana like Skywalker OG, it’s important to visit a reputable dispensary to ensure you’re getting the Skywalker you bargained for. Our experienced staff can also help you determine whether this is the right bud for you, better than just reading a Skywalker OG strain review online. For more information about the particulars of this strain, or to discuss our extensive menu with one of our expert staff, stop in today at one of our Cannabis stores in Downtown Las Vegas.

May the Force be with you. Always.


Strain Spotlight: San Fernando Valley OG aka SFV OG

SFV OG San Fenando Valley OG in Las Vegas

Don’t be fooled by this bud’s unassuming appearance! SFV OG may not look like much, but this sativa-dominant strain offers light effects that are perfect for treating chronic pain, depression, and stress, as well as a little much-needed relaxation at the end of your day. Also known as “San Fernando Valley” OG after its place of origin, this OG Kush variant is popular partly because it’s such a classic and partly because of its California roots.

What Does SFV OG Look Like?

SFV OG weed might not look like much, but remember, looks aren’t everything! This strain is sativa-dominant, and it shows it, with small flowers, orange hairs, and overall a much less full and lush appearance than you may be accustomed to. It’s typically covered with a fine coating of trichomes and resin, like fine white sugar on a cookie.

SFV OG has a very earthy aroma, with strong qualities of pine and citrus. Its smoke can be a little harsh on the lungs, so if this bothers you, it might be a good strain to try vaping instead.

Where Did it Come From?

SFV OG started out as a phenotype of OG Kush. Swerve of The Cali Connection noticed this little beauty and cultivated it, creating a new strain that stands on its own as a cannabis classic. The SFV OG strain was eventually bred to an Afghani strain to create SFV OG Kush, an indica-dominant strain that is not to be confused with its sativa-dominant parent.

What to Expect

Unlike its love child SFV OG Kush, the SFV OG strain’s sativa-like effects are lighter and less hard-hitting. You should experience a rapid head-high, joined a little bit later by a light body high that can produce some moderate couch-lock. The advantage to SFV OG weed, however, is that its lighter effects make it an equally great choice for people who can’t afford to lose their whole day. It is ideal for those who want just a little mild relaxation or some help with lifting depression, relieving stress, or managing chronic pain.

Where to Find SFV OG in Las Vegas

If you’ve read our SFV OG strain review and you think this hybrid might be for you, come on down to Thrive Cannabis Marketplace to consult with our experienced staff. We can discuss the strain with you in more detail and compare it to what you’re looking for. If SFV OG isn’t for you, our menu is sure to have something that is! We have two well-stocked marijuana dispensaries in North Las¬†Vegas and Downtown Las Vegas. Stop in today and leave with leaf you’ll love!



Photo: goobafish