Smoking Alternative

Not keen on putting smoke into your body or you just want to imbibe cannabis more discretely? Edibles and drinkables may be just what you want. The great thing is that just about any food or drink can be infused with extracts of marijuana. Dosage controlled and strain-specific, these edibles/drinkables are limited only by the imagination of our talented and inspired culinary and beverage experts. When you bring the culinary arts into medical marijuana, the results are effective, consistent and wonderfully tasty. From hand-crafted cookies to hard candies and sodas, teas, craft coffees and tinctures, our selection of smokeless cannabis is decidedly delicious.

More Than Just Brownies

Sweets not your cup of tea? Marijuana flavor profiles include everything from citrus fruits and mint, to pepper to pineapple and more. In salty, tangy and savory foods like breads and salad dressings, cannabis can take the place of spices such as sage, basil, thyme, marjoram. Gustatory goodness at its best. Bon appetite!

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