Oils, Budder, and Wax

Effective. Potent. Pure. A recent development in the industry, the most common extract concentrates are known as oils, waxes, budder and shatter. They increase in potency from oil to shatter with some shatter extractions boasting over 80% THC content.

Hash Oil

Hash and hash oils are their more primitive older cousins dating back hundreds or even thousands of years. They vary in purity, consistency, translucency and texture. Some oils are as dark as molasses while others are clearer and look something like sap or honey. Oils can be used in a vaporizer or “smoking pen” though these methods of use are generally regarded as delivering lower dosages of beneficial compounds.


Budder has the look and feel of butter. Shatter is solid and translucent to transparent. One of the benefits of all of these is that fewer non-essential compounds are taken into the lungs and bloodstream as there is less organic material present in the substances to begin with.

Wax & Dabs

As their names suggest, cannabis waxes have a texture ranging from nearly a gel to a firm wax. Also known as dabs, waxes require a special device to heat them to the point of turning to smoke. Using wax with a extract pipe is arguably the most potent form of cannabis ingestion, delivering a higher percentage of THC and beneficial compounds from a single pull than any conventional pipe.

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