Responsible use of cannabis is of the utmost concern for us at THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace. At our locations, we provide guidelines for safe, responsible, ethical usage of cannabis and cannabis products. Some general rules for safe use are as follows:

1. LEARN what your needs are and which strains and products will fulfill your desired results.

2. CHOOSE wisely, using information about your body, your experience with cannabis and your knowledge of the effects of different strains in their different forms and methods of ingestion.

3. THRIVE by taking it slow. Start with 5-10 milligrams of any edible product and limit smoking to one or two puffs at first. Give any method of ingestion and strain of cannabis plenty of time to take effect before ingesting any more. Allow 10-15 minutes for smoking and up to 4 hours for edibles. Know that if it is your first time ingesting cannabis, effects may be radically different each subsequent usage for the first few to several uses. Following that, magnitude and overall general effects are reported to be very predictable by most moderate, to regular, to frequent users. Tolerance is affected by such factors as time/days passed between uses, weight, diet and use of alcohol or other substances. Many users report alcohol dramatically affects the depressive and sleep inducing effect on the central nervous system and thus its combined use with cannabis is generally not advised.