Your first step in obtaining a Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Card in the state of Nevada is to receive the referral of a licensed medical doctor. It is recommended you see a doctor that is familiar with the referral process as they have the appropriate paperwork that is needed for the state. If you already have your referral, you may visit a local Medical Marijuana Card processor for completion and submission to the state.

— Recommendations —

Getting Legal
2619 W. Charleston #100
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: 702.979.9999

Dr. Kathleen Smith
2900 E Desert Inn Rd., Suite 202
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone: 702.353.9777

Dr. Green Relief
7200 Smoke Ranch Rd #120
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Phone: 702.707.2414

— Frequently Asked Questions —

Why should I get a Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Card?

A Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Card is required by the State of Nevada for any patient requesting the use of medical marijuana products for treatment, to hold a valid Medical Marijuana Card.

Do I have to get a card?

Yes, it is required by the state of Nevada.

How much does the evaluation cost?

First time patients without previous records: $125
Renewals: $80
Patients with previous medical records: $80


What conditions can be treated with Medical Marijuana?

Chemotherapy Side Effects
Eating Disorders
Migraine Headaches
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Severe Pain
Variety of Other Chronic, Debilitating or Terminal Illnesses

After the doctor establishes a qualifying condition what is next?

You will receive an attending physician’s statement and a 24/7 verification number. Depending upon the doctor you visit, they will typically fill out all required paperwork and make the initial submission to the state. You will then receive your packet in the mail from the state which you will need to complete and return to the state for final submission. However, your doctor may or may not take care of submission to the state. It’s best that you have that conversation with your doctor as to what is included in their fees.